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Shoot pucks and send rivals flying!
— Description • Kirby Battle Royale

Slam Hockey is one of the ten game modes in Kirby Battle Royale. Players attack a puck for ninety seconds to slam it into other players. The player/team with the most slams wins. It is unlocked for 800 battle coins.


The Cake Royale

Slam Hockey is first played in the second Silver League Battle during Story Mode.

Battle Mode

KBR Slam Hockey.jpg

The giant hockey puck in the center of the arena can be attacked or thrown. When a hockey puck is thrown or hit with enough strength, it will glow blue, and contact with it will KO any rival; once the hockey puck slows down or KOs a player, it will become gray, making it safe to touch. The hockey puck can be hit or grabbed even if it's not gray, putting it in control of the last player that struck/threw it. Players that have been slammed will be carried back to the arena by Bronto Burts.

Player being carried back by a Bronto Burt.

After enough time has passed, the fighting will pause and a roulette will start, with each slice having a player's icon on it. When the roulette stops, the player the roulette lands on will give three points to anyone that slams them with the hockey puck; this is usually the player in the lead. If the target player is slammed, the roulette will start again to pick a potentially new target, but the game will not pause this time.


Normal Arena

Normal Arena is the standard arena for Slam Hockey. It is featured inside a stadium.

Obstacle Arena

Obstacle Arena plays the same as Normal Arena, but periodically King Dedede's Hot Air Balloon from Kirby Mass Attack will obscure the players' view, making tracking the puck more difficult. The arena has a transparent bottom and floats through the sky, allowing the player to observe the landmarks below. These include Mt. Dedede, Mallow Castle and the field from Dyna Blade, the Rainbow Islands, and Raisin Ruins.

Stretch Arena

Stretch Arena has a similar setting to Normal Arena. This time, however, the puck is smaller in diameter, but is now significantly taller. This means players cannot jump over it, but aerial attacks become more useful for knocking it around.

Battle Bonuses

  • Bonus Striker
    • Hit the most bonus targets with discs!
  • Puck Dancer
    • Got hit by a puck the least!
  • Super Catcher
    • Caught the most flying pucks!

Related Quotes

Try to hit rivals with the puck as many times as you can. High score wins!
— Hit rivals with the puck • Kirby Battle Royale
You can send the puck toward rivals in two ways: give it a smack or throw it!
— Flick or throw the puck • Kirby Battle Royale
If a rival throws a puck at you, catch it by pressing R at just the right time.
— Catch thrown pucks • Kirby Battle Royale
Slam the puck into your opponents and send them flying!
— Collection Lists • Kirby Battle Royale
Throw the puck at opponents to knock them out and score points. Aim, fire, and knock them out of the rink!
— Description • Kirby Battle Royale official website


  • All three of the original Animal Friends can be seen in the crowd at the various stages. Rick can be seen on the left side of the crowd in Normal Arena. Coo can be seen on the left side of the crowd in Obstacle Arena. Kine can be seen on the right side of the crowd in Stretch Arena.