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The Sky Tower[1] is a location in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

General Information

The Sky Tower is a massive tower located at the heart of Nutty Noon on Planet Popstar. It stretches miles into the sky--so high, in fact, that clouds cluster around some of its exterior, and its peak breaches the upper atmosphere into outer space. It is a purple-white building that appears to be very old, constructed of brick and stone. The lower portion of the tower is brown. Technologically, the Sky Tower is no more advanced than other locations in Dream Land.


Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Stage 2

Kirby enters the Sky Tower for the first time. Throughout the stage, he carries a Balloon Bomb across moving platforms and pulls handles to open gates and destroy blocks while avoiding handles that open gates leading to enemies. Mumbies, Scarfys, and Shelds serve as frequent enemies. The hero battles Moundo here. A Super Waddle Doo appears at the end to grant Kirby the Flare Beam Super Ability, which he can use to light up glass prisms, revealing a dimensional rift.

Stage 3

Kirby continues through the Sky Tower. Throughout the stage, Kirby scales the right and left sides of the tower's exterior while climbing ever higher inside it. He avoids Shotzos, Volttzos, and Paclouds on the way up. He is encouraged to inhale Starman for the Hi-Jump ability, then use it to easily ascend while defeating falling enemies. At the end of the stage, Kirby fires out of a cannon into the clouds.

Stage 4

Kirby leaves the clouds and reenters the Sky Tower. After escaping from Gigatzos and Bowbys lining the tower's exterior, he finds himself in a higher portion of the building. The color and architecture have changed completely, and the background appears to be much higher in Planet Popstar's atmosphere. Kirby fights Super Bonkers, who can grant him the Grand Hammer Super Ability. Kirby can use this ability to destroy a giant bell, revealing a dimensional rift.

Stage 5

Kirby enters a Mid-Boss Tower near the top of the Sky Tower. He is offered several Copy Essences and a Maxim Tomato Box before challenging mid-bosses. He must fight Gigant Edge, Moundo, Water Galboros, and Dubior. Between these battles, Kirby travels through corridors containing enemies and rooms containing puzzles for Energy Spheres. If Kirby enters a secret area at the beginning of the stage, he is taken through a harder route with different Energy Sphere puzzles and mid-bosses. These include Water Galboros, King Doo, Dubior, Kibble Blade & Gigant Edge, and Bonkers & Moundo. Kirby is rewarded with 1UPs if he clears this path.


Now in space, Kirby climbs to the summit of the Sky Tower. He is offered four Copy Essences before he mounts the Warp Star and flies to a different architecture, possibly one of the tower's offshoots. He grabs the Lor Starcutter's mast, only to discover that the Grand Doomer has taken it over. A battle against the boss ensues.




  1. Name of the music track associated with the tower