The Skullys used to hide in darkness. That is, until Necrodeus got his magic staff. Then the Skullys changed.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Skully is a regular enemy in Kirby Mass Attack. They are Necrodeus' creations, and as such, are members of the Skull Gang. Skullys are usually seen when Kirby obtains a Skull Key in any level, which teleports him to an intermediate room with numerous Skullys, one of which is carrying a Skull Chest. If Kirby manages to nab the red one with the chest, the rest disappear and the chest (usually containing a Medal) is unlocked.

When Skullys mature, they become Skullions. According to Daroach, this process takes 100 years; implying that the Skullys are immortal. Daroach also mentions that the Skullys used to hide away in darkness until Necrodeus acquired his staff, then the Skullys changed their ways.

Skullys are featured in the sub-game Strato Patrol EOS, where they either try to snatch Kirbys or powerups away, or come floating with one in their hands. Shooting such a Skully down adds one Kirby to the total Kirby count.

Dethskullks, enemies from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, bear a noticeable resemblance to Skullys.

Physical Appearance

Skully appears to be a white, floating humanoid skull permanently sheathed in a black cloud. When they attack, the whole of their bodies flash red. Skullys which carry Skull Chests have red skulls rather than white ones.


Skullys do not physically attack Kirbys, but will attempt to snatch them. If a Skully happens to grab one, they will float up to the sky and out of reach, instantly KOing the Kirby and stealing him from the player's Kirby count.


  • Unused Skully sprites are buried in Kirby Mass Attack's memory. These sprites depict Skully, shocked, making a call on a walkie-talkie. Other sprites exist of a massive purple and black energy beam created by a skull-shaped cloud. Together, these sprites may indicate that Skully would have had a powerful attack in which it called in an energy strike against the Kirbys.[1]

Related Quotes

The Skull Gang that patrols this island is unrelenting. If only we could get them to slack off, our jobs would be much easier.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
Flies through the air, trying to carry Kirby off. A member of the Skull Gang who are plotting to cast the world into darkness.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[2]




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