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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the location in Kirby Mass Attack. For other uses, see Skull (disambiguation).

This island holds the lair of the Skullys, the Skull Tower. As soon as you set foot inside it, watch for their traps. Try not to let any Kirby get isolated from the rest. Stay together to survive.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

The Skull Tower is a location in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

General Information

The Skull Tower is a fortified building. Serving as the base for the Skullys, it is constructed where the dark creatures thrive: in a shadowy area of Volcano Valley. The stronghold is made out of stone, has horns at its top, and is surrounded by posts adorned with skull statues and chains. Notably, the Skull Tower stands on a precarious base, causing it to be unbalanced.


Kirby Mass Attack

In Stage 8 of Volcano Valley, the Kirbys traverse the grounds and then scale the Skull Tower. The protectors and inhabitants of the tower—Helmees and rock hands, Buufuus and Mosomosos, respectively—attack them as they proceed. The group must avoid various traps and dangers, such as rolling spike balls. Most importantly, the Kirbys must distribute its weight carefully during the climb; if the tower sways to one side for too long, it collapses, KOing them. If this happens, Daroach flies his airship over to the Kirbys and gives them advice on how to avoid this on future attempts. However, tilting the tower correctly in the right places can allow the Kirbys to collect items such as fruit as well as a key in one location.

The player is encouraged to use the bats dwelling in the tower as a visual cue for when to balance it. If a Kirby falls off the tower, he is carried away by a Skully and lost.

Rock hands make a concerted effort to knock the tower down by crashing into its side. To prevent the building's collapse, the Kirbys must slam into the enemy rapidly until it breaks and then balance the building properly. Near the end of the stage, the Kirbys enter an autocannon and fire themselves at an incoming rock hand, triggering a button-tapping battle. If the Kirbys win, they smash the foe into rubble. If they lose, they are knocked to the ground below and must escape a wasteland filled with Zombons.

The Teetering Tree, a vast tree located in Dedede Resort, operates in an extremely similar way to the Skull Tower.

Related Quotes

The Skull Tower is a precarious place. If it falls out of balance, well, it falls over! Just move your Kirbys in unison, and keep that tower in check. You know you're about to see the tower come falling down when the bats fly off. Keep an eye on them.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack
The Skull Tower will sway a little if you run your crew to one side or the other. And it will sway a LOT if you stop your crew on one side. That's dangerous to do. Unfortunately, that's the only way to get a medal that's far out from the left side of the tower.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack