Skullys Attack

Skullys chase the Kirbys.

The Skull Gang is a group of dark beings led by Necrodeus. The group is the primary antagonist of Kirby Mass Attack. The Skull Gang works to "drown light in darkness," primarily Planet Popstar's. Originating in Necro Nebula, the gang serves as a constant menace to the Popopo Islands.

Known Members

The members of this band of darkness are:

  • Necrodeus - The leader of the gang who wields a magic staff
    • Skully - The grunts of the gang
    • Skullion - The mature form of Skully and close servant to Necrodeus
    • Skullseer - The leader of the Skullys


  • According to Daroach, two of the Little Woods in Green Grounds are "tight with the Skull Gang." This is demonstrated by the fact that they guard a skull key.
    • Also according to Daroach, the Skullys did not hunt in the light until Necrodeus acquired his staff. This implies that Necrodeus' staff has the power to dispel light.
  • The Skull Gang's color scheme is more significant than it appears. The members' clouds are black and purple because in Japanese culture, those colors symbolize night and death, respectively. Necrodeus and Skullseer both have red eyes, which is symbolic of anger or danger.
  • An arrangement of the Skull Gang's theme plays when Grab Hands ambush Kirby in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse's multiplayer mode.