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Friend Ability Sizzle Icon

The icon for the Sizzle element

Sizzle (previously called Fire) is an element in the Kirby series.

General Information

Sizzle is the fire-based element. Copy Abilities such as Fire and Burning excel at using this element, but it can also be found in other abilities and Dream Friends. Sizzle is used for lighting Cannon fuses and candles and melting Ice Blocks, and is very effective against ice-based enemies. Mr. Frosty is a notable example of an enemy being weak to this element.

Copy Ability Moves
KSA Fire Ability Icon
All moves
All moves
KSA Hammer Ability Icon
Hammer Flip
KSA Bomb Ability Icon
KAtM logo
KSQSQ logo
Throw Bomb
Bomb Drop
Bomb Set
Bomb Bowl
Bomb Slide
KSA Fighter Ability Icon
Giga Force Blast
KPR Jet icon
Store Power
Jet Kick
Jet Heading
KPR UFO icon
Smart Beam
Heat Beam
Piercing Heat Beam
Heat Cannon
KTD Circus icon
Fire-Hoop Jump
Flame Baton
KPR Doctor icon
Science Lab (fire)
KSA Crash Ability Icon
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All moves
Dream Friends
KSA Rick & Kine & Coo Icon
Fire Rick
KSA Gooey Icon
Burning Gooey
KSA Daroach Icon
Daroach Fire Bomb
KSA Magolor Icon
Revolution Flame
KSA Three Mage-Sisters Icon
Any attack that involves Flamberge


Kirby's Adventure, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Fire, Burning, and Crash are the only abilities that have the Fire element. The fire element's main purpose in these games is the ability to light cannon fuses. Hot Head and Flamer can use the fire element against the player, giving the player more knockback than normal.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby: Squeak Squad makes a more prominent focus on the Fire, Thunder, and Ice elements compared to previous games. The fire element can burn grass and bushes, light fuses and candles, as well as melt snowy or icy terrain. It can also vaporize cloud and snow blocks. Copy Abilities with these elements, Fire and Bomb, can be obtained by mixing Ability bubbles until red bubbles appear; Laser, UFO, and Hammer also have moves with the fire element.

The Wheel and Tornado Ability Scrolls allow Kirby's wheel and tornado forms to pick up the fire element when crossing lava or flames. The Sword Scroll allows the player to mix Sword with Fire to obtain the Fire Sword, which simply acts as the Sword Copy Ability, but all of the moves do fire damage. The Bomb Scroll does not allow it to mix with Fire, as Bombs have the fire element already.

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies brings a greater focus on using abilities in tangent with one another in order to create Friend Abilities. The Sizzle element is found in Fire, Fighter's Giga Force Blast, Rick's Fire Rick, Gooey's Burning Gooey, and Daroach's Daroach Fire Bomb. Sizzle can light fuses, melt Ice Blocks, and burn grass or leaves. Sizzle can be used in conjunction with the following Copy Abilities and Dream Friends to perform these Friend Abilities:

These Friend Abilities serve the same purpose as the Sword and Bomb Ability Scrolls, but have additional modifications to make them more unique, such as causing explosions and leaving trails of fire. Like other elements, it increases the strength of all attacks by 25%.