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Meta Knight... It's been a very long time.
— Sirica • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Sirica is a pale and white alien girl in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, and a semi-important character.

Sirica is the daughter of the legendary Star Warrior Garlude, who teamed up with Meta Knight to reclaim Galaxia and was killed by Kirisakin, entrusting Meta Knight with the sword as her final act. Sirica is just as angry and impulsive as Knuckle Joe, and wields a swiss army knife like weapon that can transform into a flamethrower, a grappling hook, a bazooka, a machine gun, and a sword.

First appearing in the episode Crusade for the Blade, she attacked Meta Knight trying to seize his sword for herself. She believed that he stole it and left her mother to die by Kirisakin's hands, but was eventually proven wrong when she learned the truth from the sword. In the end, she helped Kirby use Galaxia to destroy Kirisakin, and therefore became friends with him and the others. She later returned in the final episode, joining Knuckle Joe, Sir Arthur, and his knights as they helped Kirby and friends battle Nightmare.

Sirica is voiced by Tomoe Hanba in Japanese, and veteran voice actress Veronica Taylor in English.

Physical Appearance

Sirica inside her spaceship.

Sirica is similar in appearance to Tiff, save for the white skin and more angular eyes, which are light blue with indigo pupils. She has rosy pink cheeks, and her long, messy hair is held back by a green bandanna. As for the rest of her clothes, she only wears a sleeveless orange jumpsuit, brown boots and gloves with two callus-like formations (something akin to brass knuckles, possibly to enhance her punching and kicking abilities), and a large, light green collar with a golden metal line in the middle. She carries around a transformable weapon that appears to have been manufactured by Nightmare Enterprises, as evidenced by its symbol on some parts of the weapon.


Sirica is an impulsive and hotheaded character. She has a short temper, and has a penchant for generally causing mayhem as her way of solving problems. Deep down, she's a decent girl at heart and she proves open to reason when Galaxia reveals to her the truth about what happened to her mother Garlude.

Appearances in Episodes

Episode Title Airdate


Crusade for the Blade

December 7, 2002 (JP)

99, Movie

Combat Kirby

December 2, 2006

100, Movie

Fright to the Finish

December 9, 2006


Your friend Meta Knight was an enemy of my mother. It was many many, years ago. My mother Garlude was considered the greatest of all Star Warriors. She and Meta Knight had been chosen among many noble warriors to reclaim the sacred sword, Galaxia, which had been stolen by the evil beast: Kirisakin. They began to battle the great monster. Both were brave and fought valiantly, but in the end, the beast proved too strong for Garlude. Just as she was reclaiming the sword, she was overpowered! Meta Knight stood and watched as my mother lost the battle. He stole the sword and fled, leaving my mother to perish... alone.
— Sirica, describing in her mind how her mother died in her and Meta Knight's quest for Galaxia • Crusade for the Blade
That sword is mine! Now you will pay.
— Sirica • Crusade for the Blade
If my mother gave her life for this, I shall too.
— Sirica, after learning what really happened to Garlude • Crusade for the Blade
Galaxia... Now I know what a great Star Warrior my mother was to the very end.
— Sirica • Crusade for the Blade
Knuckle Joe and I have become friends now and we're teaming up to help you take on eNeMeE.
— Sirica • Combat Kirby
Good luck, my friends.
— Sirica as Kirby and the Halberd's crew escape Nightmare's Fortress • Fright to the Finish

Related Quotes

She's a little girl with a big ol' gun and a whole lot of attitude!
— Escargoon • Crusade for the Blade


  • It is unknown how Sirica got her weapon in the first place. However, it is possible that she stole it from a monster she defeated.

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