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Sir Lancelot is one of the few survivors of the war between the Star Warriors and Nightmare Enterprises. He, like Sir Arthur and the other two of his knights, is also a Star Warrior.

He has blue feet, has turquoise flesh with a white helmet with a cut-up mask, wears a red cape, and carries around an axe with a star on it, unlike the other three knights. Just like the other three knights, Lancelot only appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

In Snack Attack - Part I, he is seen as a figure obtained from chocolate capsules sold at Tuggle's market in Cappy Town. He reappears in Combat Kirby alongside Sir Arthur and the other knights to assist Kirby and co. in destroying eNeMeE's army.


All of Sir Arthur's knights are named after the Knights of the Round Table. Lancelot was one of the many knights who helped King Arthur in legends.

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