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What my wife means to say is that we don't get a chance to see you enough, Your Majesty.
— Sir Ebrum • Beware: Whispy Woods!

Sir Ebrum is a character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is the Cabinet Minister of Cappy Town, the father of Tiff and Tuff, and the husband of Lady Like. Being a government official and a tenant in Castle Dedede, he is one of the richest people in Dream Land, with his wealth being only second to that of King Dedede. In several episodes, Ebrum can be seen trying to flatter his boss, King Dedede, when his children defy him in fear of losing his rich lifestyle and living in the streets.

Physical Appearance

Sir Ebrum is a yellow-skinned being with yellow eyes. He has lavender hair with curls and a large English mustache. He wears a suit with brown trousers (that don't show his feet) and a purple jacket over a white shirt with an orange bow tie.


As mentioned before, Sir Ebrum is the father of Tiff and Tuff as well as the husband of Lady Like. Despite his often comical and clumsy nature, he is an extremely caring and loving father who works quite hard for them. Examples of this are in episodes like Cartoon Buffoon, where he tirelessly works through the night to help Tiff write a good script for her first day at work at the animation studio Dedede built. In The Thing About the Ring, it is revealed that he was so nervous at his wedding that the ring he got for his wife slipped out of his hands and got lost, and Kirby causes his new ring to get lost.


His name is a play on the word "cerebrum," the part of the brain that is responsible for voluntary actions in people and most animals.

Related Quotes

The somewhat meek secretary of Dream Land and his dignified wife support the people - instead of King Dedede - when they can.
— Kirby: Right Back at Ya! character description (shared with Lady Like) • Nintendo Power magazines
Though his children (Tiff & Tuff) have nothing but the highest disregard for his boss, Sir Ebrum is a Dream Land court official who works and lives in Castle Dedede. Keeping peace between his rambunctious employer and his strong-willed offspring is a full-time job.
— Character description • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! official English website