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Shortcut Door
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Shortcut Door
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PropertiesAllows the player to skip part of a stage that's already been beaten.
There are doors hidden in many stages that are shortcuts to the goal. But you can't use the shortcut unless you've cleared the stage once. Still, those shortcuts will save a lot of time if you get what you want from a stage and want out, fast.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Shortcut Doors are special types of doors that appear in Kirby Mass Attack.


Kirby Mass Attack

Shortcut Doors are found in every single stage (excluding the Boss Stages and the stages in Necro Nebula). They are usually hidden behind a block and other hidden parts of the stage environment. Once revealed, the Kirbys can choose whether they want to warp to the goal without having to go through the rest of the stage. The only negative effect is that the Kirbys won't win a star when they do this. Also, Shortcut Doors can't be entered in a stage that has not yet been cleared. There's also a checklist task known as "Shortcut Scout" that requires the player to find 30 hidden Shortcut Doors and clear the stage after the 30th discovery.