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Shield Guard is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies. While the enemy itself does not yield a Copy Ability when inhaled, the shield it carries yields the Fire or Ice ability, depending on which element it is imbued with.

Physical Appearance

Shield Guards are enemies with rabbit-like ears, light-brown feet, stubby arms, and a yellow body. Their mouth resembles that of Chef Kawasaki. The enemy also has eyes similar to Kirby's. Its mouth is open when it no longer has a shield, but wears a huge smirk when it does have a shield.


Kirby Star Allies

Shield Guard first appears in Donut Dome and becomes a somewhat common enemy. It slowly trudges back and forth, but when it sees Kirby, it dashes toward him. Its shield protects it from many attacks and projectiles (though it is vulnerable from behind). After taking too much damage, the shield breaks, leaving the foe defenseless. In this state, it cowers in place and is not a threat. Without their shield, Shield Guards can be destroyed in one hit.

Shield Guard's shield determines its elemental weakness. The most common shield, the sizzle shield, is weak to water, ice, and wind-based attacks; it is also weak against Artist's paintbrush moves. The blizzard shield is only weak to fire-based attacks. By taking advantage of these elemental weaknesses, Kirby can defeat Shield Guard in one hit. Shield Guards cannot break each other's shields with their own.


  • Shield Guard acts similar to Anger Masker. They both have something protective that is weak to certain attacks, and both become cowardly once their protective item is destroyed. There are two differences, however:
    • The first difference is that, when it loses its protective item, Shield Guard stands still, unlike Anger Masker's fleeing.
    • Shield Guards can also give a Copy Ability, though only through their shield.
  • Shield Guards are one of the few non-boss enemies that can grant Copy Abilities but are immune to the Friend Heart's power in Kirby Star Allies. Other enemies with this trait include Floaty the Cell Cores, Donpuffles, Walkies, and Bombers.

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