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Shellmic is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Shellmic is a green, reptilian monster with a raspberry red mouth, small eyes, and a spiky head.


Kirby Mass Attack

Shellmic appears exclusively in Stage 10 of Green Grounds, Stage 5 of Dedede Resort, and Stage 10 of Volcano Valley. An aquatic enemy, it sleeps inside of shells. If a Kirby bumps into the shell, the Shellmic pops out and begins inhaling. If the Kirbys do not swim away, they are dragged into the creature's spiky head and take damage. The foe then grins proudly. Shellmic can only be defeated once it retreats back inside its shell; the Kirbys must slam into it three times to shatter it.

A similar enemy, Quewin, mimics Shellmic's the same attack but does not hide in shells—though Quewin's attack instantly KOs any victim Kirbys. Certain Quewins can also exhale to blow the heroes away from it, while Shellmic can only pull the Kirbys toward it.


Shellmic is a portmanteau of the words shell, the object the enemy hides in, and mimic, referring to its shell disguise.