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Sharbon is a minor character who made an appearance in the two-part Scare Tactics episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a mischievous yet non-violent spirit that causes trouble and scares passerby in a haunted mansion in Dream Land, usually by blowing bubbles with its pink bubble wand. Sharbon makes a successful attempt at scaring King Dedede by popping out of a painting and blowing bubbles at him. Like the Particle Ghost, Sharbon hasn't been seen since the whole house that they haunted was burned down by Fire Kirby.

Physical Appearance

Sharbon is a small, vibrant, blue levitating ghost with stubbly arms. It has a round, bubble-like face and a wispy tail resembling a droplet of water. It wears a sleeveless green shirt and it carries a pink bubble wand. It has a comical yet demented smile on its face, and large white oval-shaped eyes. Sharbon has three tufts of blond hair atop its head. It hides in a colorful violet painting that is full of grayish-blue bubbles.


Sharbon's name is derived from the Japanese word for soap, シャボン (Shabon). This is because the compound word シャボン玉/Shabondama (soap bubble) is used to refer to bubbles, both soap bubbles and those created by other means. Fittingly, Sharbon is a bubble-shaped ghost who blows bubbles.


  • Sharbon was the winner of an art contest in Japan, where artists could draw their own character that would have a chance of appearing in the two-part "Scare Tactics" episode.
  • Sharbon is one of the few monsters to neither meet nor attack Kirby.
  • This monster is one of the few monsters not to explode. It isn't seen being defeated anywhere in the episode, but it is assumed to be gone after what happened to its home.
  • Sharbon's name is never given in the episode, but King Dedede refers to it as a "polter-paintin'!"
  • In the Japanese version, Sharbon's shirt has a red "S" on it. This was removed from the dub.
  • Some of the bubbles that Sharbon blows from its wand look like small versions of its head.



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