A fiend seen only in silhouette lives in the shadowy mansion. He's known by the chilling name Shadowbite.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Shadowbite is a mid-boss in Kirby Mass Attack that appears in Stage 7 of Volcano Valley.


Shadowbite is a shadow, as his name suggests. He appears to be a monster with three small spikes on his head, razor-sharp teeth, and angry eyes. He lacks any form of legs and looks similar to a dinosaur's head.


When Shadowbite first appears, he chuckles evilly and starts chasing the Kirbys throughout the stage.

How to Defeat

The Kirbys can't physically defeat Shadowbite, so their only defense is to outrun him, similarly to the battle with Freezy Rex. If Shadowbite catches up to one of the Kirbys, he will chew it, swallow it, and spit it out, instantly KOing that Kirby. Brief intervals of lightning will light up the room and cause Shadowbite to disappear, giving the Kirbys a chance to flee further. Shadowbite quickly reappears and will resume his chase. They will enter another room and a wall barrier will close up and the Kirbys have a chance to roll up a curtain, but they have to be quick as Shadowbite will attempt to break the wall with his teeth. If they roll up the curtain successfully, a Kirby statue is revealed, and the statue will punch Shadowbite away. Shadowbite drops a Medal upon its defeat. The Kirbys can then reach the goal.

If the Kirbys fail to raise the curtain, Shadowbite will break through, causing the Kirbys to flee the mansion.


  • In one of his hints, Daroach mentions that Shadowbite owned the mansion he's located in, but then passed away. This means that he is undead.



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