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A fiend seen only in silhouette lives in the shadowy mansion. He's known by the chilling name Shadowbite.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Shadowbite is a mid-boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Shadowbite is a shadow, as his name suggests. He appears to be a monster that resembles a dinosaur's head. He has three small spikes (or hair) on his head, razor-sharp teeth, and angry eyes. He lacks a torso and limbs.


Kirby Mass Attack

Shadowbite appears exclusively in Stage 7 of Volcano Valley. When Shadowbite first appears, he chuckles evilly and smashes down a wall, initiating a chase with the Kirbys. Shadowbite is invincible, so their only choice is to outrun him. Throughout the chase area, enemies, objects, and items get in the way to distract the player. One of the jerkweeds in the ceiling hides a medal, however, which the player must collect for 100% completion.

Unlike the chase with Freezy Rex, which happens on an auto-scrolling stage, the Kirbys can freely sprint ahead of Shadowbite with few restrictions. If Shadowbite catches up to a Kirby, he catches him in his mouth, chews him up, and spits him out, KOing him. Brief intervals of lightning light up the room, causing the foe to disappear. This is good and bad; while it gives the Kirbys a chance to flee further, it also allows Shadowbite to catch up to them, as he manifests right behind them once the darkness returns.

The Kirbys eventually reach a room where a wall drops down to hold back Shadowbite. As the foe slams into it to knock it down, the heroes find a keyring that triggers a time-sensitive button-tapping sequence. To ensure success, the player should bring many Kirbys. If Shadowbite crashes through the wall before the player can fill the bar, the Kirbys flee the mansion automatically. However, if the player can complete the tapping sequence in time, the heroes pull up a curtain to reveal a Kirby ice sculpture. It punches Shadowbite away, defeating him and causing him to drop a medal. Lightning then illuminates the room, revealing the sculpture to be inanimate.


  • Despite being a mid-boss, Shadowbite does not appear in Survival Rush. This may be because he is not fought directly.
  • A medal is hidden behind one of the jerkweeds growing from the ceiling of Shadowbite's hallway.