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This game is all about Kirby switching up his team of friends to make his way to the goal. But if you slow down and take a few detours along the way, you might make some new discoveries!
— Yuki Endo • Kirby Star Allies Channel

A secret area, also called a hidden room, is any hidden place found in the Kirby series. It is not in plain view, and is generally not expected to be found by the average player. Some of these places are mandatory for Kirby to visit if he is trying to collect every collectible item in a game or otherwise complete the game 100%.

Secret areas are most often areas accessed through unsuspecting or sometimes invisible doors. They may also require Kirby to perform an obscure technique in a room in order to generate the entrance.

Common secret areas

KPR Maxim Tomato.png Main article: Moon

A recurring secret area entrance in the Kirby series is the moon, which first appeared in Kirby's Dream Land. In most games in which the crescent moon is visible, Kirby can enter it like a door by pressing ↑ when hovering over it.

KPR Maxim Tomato.png Main article: HAL Room

A recurring secret area in the Kirby series is the HAL Room, which first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. It is a small area containing Star Blocks arranged to spell out "HAL," a reference to HAL Laboratory. A Broom Hatter is generally seen atop the "L" in these HAL Rooms.


Kirby's Dream Land

Kirby enters the second secret area.

Bubbly Clouds contains two secret areas. In the third room, Kirby can make a choice between going left or right. Going right takes him the intended route while going left leads him to a shallow pool of water and a dead end. Walking into the dead end and pressing ↑ takes the hero to a secret area in space. Here he finds a Mint Leaf, a Pep Brew, a Maxim Tomato, and a 1UP. He must be careful of Kooklers, Puffys, Dizzys, and Bronto Burts that are more aggressive here than elsewhere. At the end of the stage, Kirby can fly over the moon and press ↑ to enter it. This takes him to a vertical room in which he drops to the ground. With good maneuvering, he can obtain three Maxim Tomatoes and two 1UPs.

Additionally, after defeating the four bosses on Mt. DeDeDe, the player is expected to press ↑ on the portrait of King Dedede to reach his battle arena.

In the Extra Game, the secret areas in Bubbly Clouds are more dangerous. The enemies in the first secret area are replaced with Whiskers, Cawcun, Benny, and Koozer—these enemies move faster and deal two points of damage if Kirby touches them. In the second secret area, only two Maxim Tomatoes and one 1UP fall, and to get them, Kirby must now weave through a field of Gordos.

Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Kirby approaches the entrance to a secret area.

Vegetable Valley contains two secret areas. In the second room in Stage 1, there are four small platforms over a waterfall with spaces between them. Floating under the first one and pressing ↑ causes Kirby to enter a secret room, giving him early access to the UFO ability via a UFO. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, the entrance is made more obvious with a slightly darker hue. In Stage 2, Kirby travels through a vertical passage with three blocks of terrain making a stair formation. Pressing ↑ on the top block takes Kirby to an area with a waterfall, a Bronto Burt, and a 1UP. In the remake, the entrance to this area is made more obvious with a tiny cave formation, and the room itself is made to look like the inside of a cavern.

Grape Garden contains two secret areas. Nearing the end of the fourth room of Stage 1, there is a section with a checkered pattern of Star Blocks that Kirby must go through to progress. Nearing the top of this pattern, a cross of Star Blocks can be seen that is the only variation from the pattern. Behind the middle block of this cross lies an invisible door. In the remake, the invisible door is marked with a red dot, making it more obvious. Inside that room lies a switch that unlocks the Crane Fever sub-game. In Stage 6, there is a hump early in the third room; directly to the right of this hump lies a secret door that is only visible when the dark room is lit with the Light ability. In that room lies a switch that unlocks a quick travel area.

Yogurt Yard contains one secret area. In Stage 4, after fighting the Meta-Knights, Kirby traverses an outdoor area with giant waterfalls. One waterfall pours out of a black hole in the rock wall in the background. Pressing ↑ on the hole takes Kirby to an area filled with Sparkys and items; taking another door in this place takes Kirby to a switch. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, the hole with the waterfall is made more visible behind the running water.

Orange Ocean contains four hidden areas. At the beginning of Stage 2, Kirby can enter a black square toward the top of the screen to find an area containing a Rocky and a 1UP. In Stage 3, Kirby can obtain the Hammer ability from Bonkers and use it to destroy a Bomb Block. In addition to creating water, this damages the hull of the ship Kirby is traveling on; pressing ↑ on a submerged area of the hull takes Kirby inside the ship, and he can return to the exterior through the same hole. (In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, this hole is darker to be made obvious.) Kirby can travel through more of these holes inside the ship. Elsewhere in the stage, Kirby can find a room containing a 1UP that always appears on the side Kirby doesn't enter from. Pressing ↑ on either porthole outside of the room takes Kirby inside, which allows him to solve the puzzle. In Stage 4, Kirby visits an area containing water and Gordos. Entering the alcove in the lower right hand corner of the screen and pressing ↑ takes the hero to a secret area with a switch. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, a black square is present to make the entrance more obvious.

Kirby enters Rainbow Resort's second secret area.

Rainbow Resort contains two hidden areas. At the beginning of Stage 2, Kirby approaches a mid-boss tower. If Kirby floats up to the top of the screen above the entrance and presses ↑, he enters a secret entrance that takes him through a different group of mid-bosses. If Kirby defeats them all, he is rewarded with five 1UPs. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, the entrance is indicated with a set of bars roughly the size of a door. Stage 6 serves as a shortened recreation of Kirby's Dream Land, complete with the moon secret. Pressing ↑ on the moon takes Kirby to an area containing a switch, a Maxim Tomato, and a 1UP.

Every secret area containing a switch is mandatory to visit for 100% completion.

In addition to these secret areas, Kirby's Adventure contains a HAL Room. Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land technically does as well, though it is not accessible under ordinary circumstances.

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Kirby and Rick jump over the entrance to a hidden room.

In Stages 2 and 3 of Ripple Field, Kirby enters dark rooms. If Kirby pairs up with Kine and uses the Spark ability, he can illuminate these rooms, revealing hidden doors. The door in Stage 2 leads to a room filled with water and five stars, and the room in Stage 3 leads to Ripple Field's Rainbow Drop— as such, visiting this room is mandatory for 100% completion. It is possible to enter these hidden doors without illuminating the rooms.

Red Canyon contains the most secret areas in the game, with four. In Stage 1, Kirby passes through a room full of Gordos. If he breaks a Star Block over a white diamond shape and presses ↑, he is taken to a room containing a Health Drink, a 1UP, and two Propellers. In Stage 3, Kirby and Kine can illuminate a dark room to reveal a door that leads to a column of three 1UPs. In Stage 4, Kirby passes through a windy room after fighting Captain Stitch. If he breaks a Star Block over a diamond shape and presses ↑, he is taken to a room containing spikes, three Collapse Blocks, and two stars. In Stage 5, entering the left door in the first room leads Kirby to a dark room with a Blipper. Illuminating the room reveals a sign captioned, "ORCA," with an image of an orca on it. Pressing ↑ on it leads Kirby to a beach area in Ripple Field. This location contains two Propellers, two Scarfys, two Glunks, and eight stars.

A secret passage exists in Stage 5 of Dark Castle. There is a room divided in half by blocks— no matter which door Kirby enters from, three 1UPs always appear on the opposite side of the room, just out of Kirby's reach. When entering from the right side, Kirby can destroy solid-looking blocks beneath the door. Standing where they were and pressing ↓ drops Kirby into a black area below the screen. From there, he can walk under the stage and float up through solid-looking blocks on the left side, granting the hero access to the 1UPs. This method works when entering from the left side as well.

Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra

Spring Breeze and Revenge of the King

As Spring Breeze is a shortened remake of Kirby's Dream Land, Bubbly Clouds retains its moon secret; if Kirby hovers over it and presses ↑, he is taken to a room with food, a Noddy, and Bonkers. Kirby can exit through a door at any time, which sends him directly to Kracko.

This moon secret carries over to Crash Clouds in Revenge of the King. Entering it brings Kirby to the same room as in Spring Breeze, only Bonkers is replaced with Grand Wheelie and an exit door is not immediately present. To exit, Kirby must defeat the mid-boss and leave through the door that appears.

The Great Cave Offensive

In Old Tower, a dark room exists. Kirby can use fiery Copy Abilities such as Fire and Jet to light Candles to brighten the room. A door is hidden toward the top. It can be entered whether or not Kirby can see it.

In Garden Area, Kirby can find several hidden rooms and passageways. At the beginning of the area, Kirby can hit a switch that opens a hole in the wall, releasing a Broom Hatter, a Twizzy, Tookeys, and Birdons. Hovering over this hole and pressing ↑ takes Kirby inside, leading to a small room filled with these enemies. A Treasure Chest appears here as well. Elsewhere in Garden Area is a small chamber containing a Treasure Chest that is covered by stone blocks with windows. One block is discolored and has a waterfall pouring from it—pressing ↓ drops Kirby through the block into the water-filled chamber below. After firing out of a cannon, Kirby finds himself in a cloudy area. He is able to pass through any part of a cloud that is covered in stars.

As all of these secrets lead to Treasure, so visiting these are mandatory for 100% completion.

Revenge of Meta Knight

At the beginning of Chapter 6, Kirby falls through the sky. As he falls, four pieces of food forming the shape of a circle become visible. Pressing ↑ on the cloud in the center takes Kirby to a cloudy room containing three Copy Essences, a Bomber, and Invincibility Candy. The hero must then fight Chef Kawasaki and Bugzzy before finding food and a Maxim Tomato. After entering this secret area, Mace Knight, Captain Vul, and Meta Knight comment on Kirby disappearing from the Halberd's radar.

The entrance to the room is slightly more obscure in Kirby Super Star Ultra. The cloud in Kirby Super Star is exactly the size of a door, whereas the cloud in the remake is much larger, and thus looks less like a passage to enter.

Milky Way Wishes

Kirby arrives on ???.

On the map screen, a small star exists in the background roughly between Skyhigh and Cavius. Floating over it and pressing A takes Kirby to a small planet called ???. It contains Tacs and Bombers, as well as the Copy Copy Essence Deluxe. As such, visiting it is mandatory for 100% completion. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, ??? is a blinking star on the map screen, and hovering over it briefly reveals that it is an area that Kirby can enter, making it easier to access.

In addition to these secret areas, Kirby Super Star Ultra contains one HAL Room.

Kirby's Dream Land 3

Kirby and Nago enter a hidden door.

In Stage 4 of Ripple Field, Kirby can find patches of dots on the walls in dim rooms. Kine's Spark ability can illuminate the rooms, revealing that the dots actually form doors. Pressing ↑ on them with or without Kine takes Kirby to four rooms. The first contains a Maxim Tomato, eight stars, and falling metal balls. The second contains a Gansan and a Maxim Tomato with Elemental Blocks covering it. The third is a mirror of the second, but with a 1UP under the Elemental Blocks. The fourth leads Kirby through a column of Gordos with stars and a battle with Captain Stitch, then leads him to a room containing Kogamugael. Visiting this room is mandatory for 100% completion.

In Stage 1 of Sandy Canyon, Kirby finds Polof. The enemy hops over to a location in the room before passing through a spot on the wall. If Kirby presses ↑ on this spot, he enters a room containing a 1UP and 12 stars.

In Stage 3 of Cloudy Park, Kirby can bypass the exit door and pass through a cloud wall. This leads him through an area inhabited by Batamons. He can exit the stage through another exit door. This secret area is the only legitimate way that Kirby may encounter a Batamon face to face.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Kirby climbs past a secret area entrance in Cookie Country.

In Stage 2 of Cookie Country, Kirby climbs up the interior of a giant tree. Breaking Star Blocks on the right side of the tree leads to a pocket containing a Maxim Tomato. Kirby can float upward here to find a door slightly concealed by foliage. This door takes the hero to an area in Onion Ocean that contains two Comos and Invincibility Candy.

Like Rainbow Resort in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Stage 5 of Nutty Noon contains a mid-boss tower. Pressing ↑ when hovering over a barred window causes Kirby to enter a different part of the tower than usual. Kirby must then battle and defeat Water Galboros, King Doo, Dubior, Kibble Blade, Gigant Edge, Bonkers, and Moundo before receiving four 1UPs.

Water Kirby approaches Dangerous Dinner's secret area.

At the end of Stage 3 of Dangerous Dinner, Kirby can float high above the exit door and press ↑ on a molten planetoid in the background. This leads the hero to a tall room with wind blowing downwards, trails of stars and food, and another exit door.

In addition to these secret areas, Kirby's Return to Dream Land contains two HAL Rooms.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

In Stage 4 of Lollipop Land, the second Sun Stone is stored in a small room that the player can see but not access. After taking a 3D Warp Star and entering a door, Kirby appears in a room where he is expected to travel through the door on the right. A curtain with a hole in it hangs in the background on the left side. If the hero approaches it and presses ↑, he enters the hole and appears in the room with the Sun Stone.

In Stage 4 of Old Odyssey, Kirby will reach a room where he must jump from platform to platform over pits. Between two platforms near the end of the area, a hole is visible in the wall in the background. Entering this hole leads Kirby to a room with a tilt cannon that shoots upwards. Gordos in the foreground obscure what Kirby is shooting at. Shooting to the right gives Kirby a keychain; shooting close to the middle gives a rare keychain; shooting to the left hits a Scarfy. After Kirby is shot in the air, he will land back on a platform near the secret door. Visiting this room is mandatory for 100% completion.

In Stage 2 of Wild World, the last room has Kirby inside a submerged, ring-shaped cavern with currents sweeping him about. A hole in the wall is visible past the exit door, which Kirby can enter by pressing ↑, in it, he must traverse a waterfall and avoid 3D Warp Stars that would send him back to the beginning of this room, a rare keychain can be earned from this room, and a last 3D Warp Star will appear to send him back to the entrance.

Kirby sits in front of a hidden door.

In Stage 3 of Wild World, Kirby enters the second room of the stage that contains a Truth Mirror behind it. The room contains a long flight of steps that have invisible spikes on them; however, one of the steps in this flight has a different design and no invisible spike on it. The hidden door is on this step. The room contains a switch that causes both a 1UP and a Treasure Chest containing a rare keychain to momentarily fall where Kirby can reach it before again falling, this time into a pit. Visiting this room is mandatory for 100% completion.

At the end of Stage 8 of Royal Road, Hypernova Kirby unfurls a giant sheet of wallpaper. The end of this wallpaper is decorated with an image of the starry area in Bubbly Clouds from Kirby's Dream Land. If Kirby presses ↑ on the moon image, he is taken to a cloudy location in Floralia. Here he falls through the air while collecting food and occasional stars, three 1UPs, and keychains. One of these keychains is rare, making this room mandatory for 100% completion.

In addition to these secret areas, Kirby: Triple Deluxe contains three HAL Rooms.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby watches a Noddy and a Waddle Dee sleep in a secret area.

In Stage 3 of Patched Plains, at the end of the train's engine there is a Waddle Dee asleep at the train controls in the background. By hitting the switch at the end of the room and backtracking, Kirby finds a 3D Warp Star located near where Code Cube can be obtained via powering a Swap Chamber. After using the 3D Warp Star, Kirby can access the area where the Waddle Dee is sleeping. Defeating the Waddle Dee exposes a door that leads to a secret room filled with three 1UPs. There is a tunnel located in the upper right corner of that room that leads to a square tube that connects to a room containing a Noddy, a sleeping Waddle Dee, and a Warp Star that leads to a HAL Room.

In Stage 4 of Patched Plains, Kirby enters a research facility. Four metal bars with gaps between them make up a patch of the floor early in the stage. If Kirby floats underneath the first bar and presses ↑, he enters an invisible door. This leads to an area with a Smash Bros. Copy Essence, a Labotory, and a 1UP.

In Stage 1 of Overload Ocean, a submarine rests at the bottom of a pool of water in the first room. Instead of entering the door on the ship above it, Kirby should press ↑ on the open submarine door. This leads to a chamber inside the vessel containing a Smash Bros. Copy Essence, two Squishys, Bomb Blocks, and items.

At the beginning of Stage 2 of Rhythm Route, Kirby can enter an open window at the top of the casino by pressing ↑ on it. This leads to a vertical room containing a Smash Bros. Copy Essence, Star Blocks, and items.

Kirby pilots his Robobot Armor in a secret area.

At the end of Stage 5 of Access Ark, Kirby can float to the top of the screen and press ↑ on an orange and blue star. This takes him to an area in which he must fire himself out of gyro-controlled cannons to break Durable Blocks and obtain items. In addition to a Smash Bros. Copy Essence, Kirby can find a rare sticker here—as such, visiting this room is mandatory for 100% completion. At the end of Stage 8, Kirby turns on a projection of the starry area in Bubbly Clouds from Kirby's Dream Land. If Kirby presses ↑ on the digital moon, he is taken to a location in Fine Fields. Here he can fall through the air while collecting items, defeat non-cyborg enemies, and unscrew screws. A rare sticker appears in this secret area too, making this room mandatory for 100% completion.

In addition to these secret areas, Kirby: Planet Robobot contains three HAL Rooms.

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby and Daroach fight Bouncys in a secret area.

The final room of Clash at Castle Dedede in World of Peace - Dream Land has a secret area that was added in the 3.0.0 update. In the first part of the room, one of the two windows (which were formerly lanterns in previous versions) is open. By pressing ↑ on it, the player enters a room where he/she must break bomb blocks and sprint through the corridors before stone blocks block the way. The first bomb block corridor contains four Bouncys, the second contains four Scarfys and one Burning Leo, and the third contains one Noddy and a 1UP. After racing through all the corridors the player must fight a stronger alternate of Bonkers. At the end, there are two Donpuffles and one bomb block; destroying the bomb block will spawn various stars and Picture Pieces.

Kirby stands in Echo's Edge's secret area.

At the very end of Echo's Edge in World of Miracles - Planet Popstar is a large platform with a Broom Hatter on it. Circling around this platform causes stars to drop from the sky and eventually cause a door to appear. This leads to a room where the player must hit bomb blocks under strong winds and climb ladders before being blown back to the beginning. A stronger alternate of Mr. Frosty awaits Kirby after the platforming is done. At the top of the room is a large heart made of Star Blocks with several Picture Pieces and 1UPs inside. A Goal Door is also there.

Kirby fires through a secret area.

In the stage Nature's Navel in World of Miracles - Planet Popstar, a large object with spinning blades hovers on the left side of one room. A crack in the stone wall behind it serves as a secret entrance that Kirby can enter by pressing ↑. This takes him to a room in which he fires himself out of cannons—with proper timing, the player can collect several items, such as 1UPs and Picture Pieces. This secret area bares a striking resemblance to the one hidden in Old Odyssey in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

On Planet Earthfall in Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes, there is a secret passage into a tree that is located on the very top of the room with leaf piles and Shield Guards. If the player enters the room, they will have to go through multiple bridges made out of star blocks, and fight multiple enemies. At the end of the bridge, the player will have to face a stronger alternate of Vividria while having to be cautious of the star block bridges. When the player bests Vividria, they will find 3 bomb blocks, which will spawn oranges, puzzle pieces, and melons on the trees in the background when destroyed. Entering the door will lead the player to the room with Propellers.

One hidden door must be entered in order to clear Extra Planet δ in Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes. When Kirby hits a big switch in the Green Greens portion of the stage, a massive golden statue of him emerges from the ground. The hero must hover around the statue's open mouth and press ↑ to enter it, finishing the stage. If the player does not find this door after a while, a prompt appears to signal the secret.

In addition to these secret areas, Kirby Star Allies contains three HAL Rooms.

Related Quotes

In Rainbow Resort, Action Stage 2, get on the ledge above the door and press Up to enter the secret area at the top of the screen. Going through the secret area allows you to skip the first three of the seven mini-bosses. After defeating the remaining four, you will enter the hidden room where five 1-ups are located.
— EXTRA 1 UPS • Code Bank[1]
Bonjam! This is Yuki Endo from HAL Laboratory, Level Director for the Kirby Star Allies game.

In this article, I would like to introduce some hints to find hidden rooms. Normally, the goal of the game is to complete stages by swapping through various friends. However, instead of just heading straight to the stage goal, try taking your time to explore—you may find some surprises! Here are two hints for finding hidden rooms.

Hint 1: The mysterious hole on the volcano wall.
Take a look at the first screenshot in the image above. This is a volcanic stage called Nature's Navel, located in World of Miracles - Planet Popstar. There is actually a secret entrance hidden somewhere around here. Can you find it? There's a fun course you can play inside!

Hint 2: Escape Jambastion using a secret route!
Next, please take a look at the second image. This is a hidden room that's somewhere in the Fortress of Shadows, Jambastion. There are many Electro Saws (an electric obstacle that moves along rails) inside, and the rails are shaped like the three letters, H, A, and L.

Hmm, where can this hidden room full of items be? Well, if you look carefully, Kirby and his friends are on a Friend Star...which means it's found in the stage where you need to escape Jambastion. It may be a little tough, but try resisting the urge to hurry along while on the Friend Star: you may want to stop and think for a bit to find the room!

So how did you like those hints? There are many surprises hidden in the game so please explore around. It may also be fun to show off the surprises you find to your friends!

Until next time, Jambuhbye!
— Yuki Endo • Kirby Star Allies Channel
Hello there, and bonjam!

Yuki Endo from HAL Laboratory here. I'm the level design director for Kirby Star Allies.

The second free update includes not only Dream Friends, but an assortment of new features! Today, I'd like to tell you about the hidden rooms we've added to Story Mode.

Have you ever wished you could play through Story Mode again, but with a little variation from the first time round? If so, you're in luck: to make things more interesting, we've added a bunch of new hidden rooms to the usual stages!
If you haven't found any yet, here are a couple of hints so you can be on the lookout for them as you play.

Hint no. 1: A curious hole in the bushes
Firstly, take a close look at the first image! It shows us a planet in "Far-Flung Starlight Heroes". Can you tell where the entrance is from the picture?

Have a look for it if you can. Once you're inside, you'll be faced with a somewhat challenging battle.

Hint no. 2: Not a HAL room, but a heart room
Now, observe the second image! This is what the room looks like from the inside.

Fans will be familiar with the hidden room where the blocks spell out the letters HAL. It features in this game as well, but we've run with the block art idea and created another room exclusive to this game, this time with the blocks in the shape of a heart.

It's in a snowy mountainous stage, so if you guessed Echo's Edge on Planet Popstar, the World of Miracles, you'd be right. But you'll have a tough time looking for it - if you thought finding the HAL room was hard, it's got nothing on this one!

In fact, even if you find the door, that doesn't mean you'll be able to go through it. You might figure it out if you consider taking a more roundabout approach.

Each little room also holds a generous amount of Picture Pieces. We've added three more illustrations to the Picture Gallery, so if you're aiming for completion and want to get your hands on plenty of Picture Pieces, seeking out these rooms is the way to go.

Free update no. 2 adds even more gameplay elements to the Kirby Star Allies world. We hope you enjoy every last moment of it!

Well then, jambuhbye!
— Yuki Endo • Kirby Star Allies Channel


  • If one separates Kirby's Adventure’s and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land’s secret areas, no less than four secret area entrances in the Kirby series are directly based on Bubbly Clouds.
  • The entrance to the secret area in Patched Plains appears to be a reference to the first secret area's entrance in Vegetable Valley.
  • The Clash at Castle Dedede secret area features a nearly identical construction to a bonus room in Stage 5 of White Wafers from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It differs by having enemies and a mid-boss, and its last block structure is different as well.