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Part of a map to a secret place
— Treasure description • Kirby: Squeak Squad

The Secret Map is a collectible Treasure Chest item in Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is split into seven pieces, each of which are hidden in different treasure chests; each area, save for Prism Plains, has a piece of this map. Once all seven pieces are collected, a secret area in the middle of the World Map opens up. In this area, Kirby can obtain any Copy Ability in the game, including Triple Star. The Ghost ability will not appear in the area until Kirby has collected the Ghost Medal.

This area also appears in the beginning of the Boss Endurance sub-game, allowing Kirby his choice of any six abilities (five in his stomach and one activated) to go through the challenge.

Secret Map Piece Locations

  • 2-EX: Second Treasure Chest
  • 3-3: Second Treasure Chest
  • 4-4: First Treasure Chest
  • 5-4: First Treasure Chest
  • 6-EX: Second Treasure Chest
  • 7-EX: First Treasure Chest
  • 8-2: Second Treasure Chest


  • Hidden at the very bottom of the area is a row of blocks that spans across the entire area. It is possible to break these blocks, but only with the Triple Star ability.
    • Similarly, there is a row of ice hidden at the very top of the area, but is only able to be hit by using the Triple Star ability.