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Yin-Yarn's Waddle Dees have taken over this uncharted island. Navigate through the twisting vines and drop falling blocks to open new paths - just watch out for spiky thorns and relentless Buttonbugs as you explore the area. Uncover the mysteries of Secret Island!
— Official guide

Secret Island is the 25th stage in Kirby's Epic Yarn and third in Water Land, the fifth world in the game. It comes after Blub-Blub Ocean and precedes Deep-Dive Deep.

Secret Island is tropical island with a dash of pirate/adventure theme. Only the beginning of the level is close to the coast; Kirby ventures deeper and deeper into the forest throughout the level. There are no Metamortexes in the level.


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The level emphasizes alternating movement in front of and behind the cloth layer to get through the overgrown jungle.


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