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At the end of each level, you'll have a chance to get a prize from the roulette wheel- including these diary pages. Collect them all to get the whole story.
— Official Kirby and the Rainbow Curse website

The Secret Diary is a collectible item in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Pages of it can be obtained during the Goal Game. It is written and illustrated by Elline, in which she draws various pictures about her thoughts and adventures with Kirby. Some pages also include photographs of them and other characters together.

Diary Entries

Page # Title Picture Written Content
1 Nice to Meet Ya! KatRC Secret Diary Page 1.jpg I made a friend today! His name is Kirby. This guy is called Waddle Dee. New buddies are the best!
2 What's the Story? KatRC Secret Diary Page 2.jpg Claycia stole all the colors! She's a very talented artist, and she loves colors.
3 All about Me! KatRC Secret Diary Page 3.jpg My Profile
Name: Elline
Personality: Rainbow
Birthday: Springtime
Job: Painter!
4 Our Cozy Cave KatRC Secret Diary Page 4.jpg Hidden entrance; Lobby; Powder Room; Shower; Bathroom; Kirby's Room; Waddle Dee's Room; Party Room; My Room; Secret Room
5 Go, Kirby Tank! KatRC Secret Diary Page 5.jpg Kirby did it! He transformed! Oooh! Next time, he should aim even higher!
6 The Real Claycia KatRC Secret Diary Page 6.jpg Name: Claycia
Personality: Totally Selfish
Birthday: Probably Winter
Job: Making Shapes
We used to be best friends... But now she scares me!
7 Beach Snapshots! KatRC Secret Diary Page 7.jpg Beach Memories
8 Our Favorite Hobby KatRC Secret Diary Page 8.jpg Claycia makes shapes, and I paint them all pretty! At least, we used to...
9 Deep-Sea Tour KatRC Secret Diary Page 9.jpg Kirby Submarine passed with flying colors! I bet there's a big squid lurking down there!
10 The Seven Worlds KatRC Secret Diary Page 10.jpg Claycia used the stolen colors to create seven worlds. But now Kirby's planet is so drab!
11 Sky-Flying Boat KatRC Secret Diary Page 11.jpg Claycia made this amazing flying ship! Bastron is powered by shock waves! These fire a bunch of shots! Pilot seat? Super-scary cannon. Eek! A slide? Hah! I wish!
12 The Great Escape KatRC Secret Diary Page 12.jpg Kirby Rocket's a roaring success! He's stronger than Bastron!
13 Animal Sketches KatRC Secret Diary Page 13.jpg Run
14 Traveling by Gondola KatRC Secret Diary Page 14.jpg I want to ride a gondola through a magical mall!
15 A Little Background... KatRC Secret Diary Page 15.jpg One day, Claycia went all evil and just took off. There had to be something I could do to fix her.
16 Favorite Foods KatRC Secret Diary Page 16.jpg Kirby loves apples. And cherries, hot dogs, and pizza, snap peas, ice cream, blue punch, and grapes! But for me... I just want a deluxe red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet parfait! Delicious!
17 Suspicious Switch KatRC Secret Diary Page 17.jpg PRESS HERE
No way!
Who wants to press such a bossy switch?
18 Kirby's Friends KatRC Secret Diary Page 18.jpg Check out Kirby's friends from his home planet! They look... weird.
19 Junk TV Rainbow Curse Diary - Page 19.jpg This is what's playing on the junky old TV.
Weather Forecast
Comedy Special
Cooking Show
20 Making Copies KatRC Secret Diary Page 20.jpg There's 2 of everyone in my secret diary!
21 Kirby, Party of 2 KatRC Secret Diary Page 21.jpg I wonder if Claycia and I will be friends again. I have my doubts... But when I'm with Kirby, I can do anything!
22 All's Well That Ends Well KatRC Secret Diary Page 22.jpg Yay for happy endings!


  • It is not made clear why Kirby has to collect pages of Elline's Secret Diary, or why these pages are scattered throughout Seventopia.
  • Various characters from other Kirby games appear in the Secret Diary. These include Rick, Coo, Kine, and Twizzy on page 13; King Dedede and Meta Knight on page 18; and Kracko, Mr. Bright, Chef Kawasaki, and Pon & Con on page 19.
  • The characters on page 18 look very different from their usual appearances. This may be because Elline has never formally met the characters and is drawing them based on information she received from Kirby.
    • Meta Knight's design may be inspired by Tuxedo Mask, a protagonist in the Sailor Moon franchise.
    • A somewhat similar mask, the Party Mask, would be available for Meta Knight to wear—along with a top-hat, cane, and bowtie—as Headgear in Kirby Battle Royale.
  • During Claycia's boss fight, she reads a book that looks similar in design to Elline's Secret Diary, though it is colored teal instead.