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Seaside is a coastal area in the Dream Kingdom that serves as the first level of Super Kirby Clash.


Story Quests

The Seaside contains nine bosses for Team Kirby to fight in Story Quests:

Quest Vigor Recommended level Gem Apple cost Image Description
Hornhead 5 1 0 SKC Hornhead The first quest! Defeat the huge Hornhead wreaking havoc in the Seaside!
Colossal Spear Waddle Dee 5 2 0 SKC Colossal Spear Waddle Dee Art This huge Waddle Dee has an equally large spear to extend its reach even farther. Don't let it run you through!
King Doo 5 2 0 SKC King Doo That big, round eye is here and ready to glare daggers at you! If looks could kill...
Tough: Gigant Edge 11 11 8 SKC Gigant Edge Art Here comes Gigant Edge, his blade gleaming! Dodge his downward blows!
Tough: Frost Kibble Blade (Ordeal) 14 14 14 SKC Frost Kibble Blade Art Witness the return of the icy blue armor, its frozen blade newly sharpened and ready!
Tough: Miasmoros 16 17 12 SKC Miasmoros Don't touch this creeping horror—that roiling venom is pure poison!
Tougher: Ice Dragon 26 30 0 SKC Ice Dragon What's this snowy dragon doing here under this beautiful sunny sky? Show him the way out!
Toughest: Blocky 42 46 0 SKC Blocky The blockhead is back! Watch out for his Dice Rush, or you'll fall flat!
Toughest: Greater Doomer 46 52 48 SKC Greater Doomer A strange bird creeps in from another world, mindlessly seeking energy. Watch its movements closely and drive it back!

Party Quests

Quest Vigor Recommended level Image Description
Spark Bonkers 6 3 SKC Spark Bonkers Art This shocking brute makes his dastardly debut as he searches for someone to fight! His massive mallet brings the lightning!
Hornhead 6 3 SKC Hornhead Hornhead, a friendly resident of the local forest, grew up big and started wreaking havoc on the Seaside! Why?
Ignite Edge 8 6 SKC Ignite Edge Art A mighty soldier in flame-colored armor stands in Team Kirby's way! Work together to take it down!
Tough: Blocky 14 15 SKC Blocky The return of the blockhead! He's here to roll on the rocky ground, squashing all in his path.
Tough: Mr. Floaty 18 23 SKC Mr. Floaty Artwork He...looks like he wants to go for a swim? It's some kind of terrifying water beast! Better bring your towel for this one!
Tough: Team Heavy Hitter
Bonkers, Blocky
22 28 SKC Team Heavy Hitter Tough: Team Heavy Hitter Party Quest Description
Tough: Ice Dragon 28 34 SKC Ice Dragon Facing blizzards that can freeze foliage solid, take down the Ice Dragon!
Tougher: Venom Kracko 34 40 SKC Venom Kracko Poison with a chance of lightning? What a terrifying forecast! It's enough to make anyone's face cloud over!
Tougher: Team Frozen Stiff
Frost Kibble Blade, Ice Dragon
36 45 SKC Team Frozen Stiff A coldhearted tag team of freezing sword and icy breath! Team Frozen Stiff will freeze your very soul!
Toughest: Team Colossal Quad
Colossal Spear Waddle Dee, Colossal Kabu, Colossal Hot Head, Colossal Driblee
42 55 SKC Team Colossal Quad Another member of Team Colossal appears! Colossal Driblee attacks Team Kirby with torrents of water!
Super: Flame Galboros 50 66 SKC Flame Galboros Art An old enemy returns, worse than before. It's wrapped itself in even hotter flames and is on the rampage!
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