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*Level 1 - Waddle Tank
*Level 1 - [[Waddle Dee|Waddle]] Tank
*Level 2 - Mecha Kawasaki
*Level 2 - Mecha [[Chef Kawasaki|Kawasaki]]
*Level 3 - Robo Dedede
*Level 3 - [[Robo Dedede]]

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Scope Shot is a 1-4 player sub-game in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is the second sub-game to be unlocked (after Ninja Dojo), if the player has collected at least 30 Energy Spheres.


In Scope Shot, the player's objective is to destroy a robot in fewer than 120 seconds while aiming the Wii Remote at the screen. The robots in this sub-game resemble mechanical versions of characters from prior games in the Kirby series.

When sections of a robot's exterior armor of the robot are hit enough times, they fall apart to reveal the internal framework. This is largely cosmetic, however, since the robot is only destroyed once its health is completely depleted. The internal framework cannot be damaged by the Scope Shot, and the shots merely bounce off and make a metallic sound.



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