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There's a Schnoz around this island that shoves a block toward a wall of metal blocks.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Schnoz is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a member of the Schnoz family.

Physical Appearance

Schnoz is a large, bipedal purple dog-like creature. It has large fangs sticking out of its mouth and a protruding, round nose. Like its relatives, it paws the ground like a rhinoceros before charging at a block, which kinks its nose somewhat.


Kirby Mass Attack

Schnoz appears exclusively in Stage 5 of Green Grounds and Stage 10 of Volcano Valley. Like its big and giant relatives, it pushes around large Heave Ho Blocks. If the Kirbys face it, they must throw themselves at the enemy's block to push it; if they don't, Schnoz pushes the block in such a way that it prevents the player from obtaining a medal, or the block crushes and KOs the Kirbys. Schnoz walks away from the block if it pushes it as far as possible or if the player takes too long pushing against it.

Unlike its relatives, it is possible in some instances to defeat Schnoz by piling onto it with several Kirbys. Schnoz does not resist the Kirbys' pummeling.


The name Schnoz is also a North American slang term meaning "nose;" this is a reference to the prominent nose every member of the Schnoz family has.

Related Quotes

There's no reasoning with this foe. If you approach, you'll be forced into a test of strength.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[1]