Sandy Canyon is the second area in Kirby Mass Attack, coming after Green Grounds and proceeding Dedede Resort. It has a total of 12 stages, one of them being a boss stage. The boss of this area is Lady Ivy

General Information

Sandy Canyon is a dusty and deary desert along with an ancient pyramid, which lies within the center of the desert's territory. The outside of the pyramid has several Stacti in most areas. There is also quicksand that is deemed very dangerous. While Beanbon is present in earlier levels, the Mummbon, who attacks similarly, appears here, replacing Beanbon. There are Big Mummbons as well. The inside of the pyramid consists of many guardrooms to prevent intruders from reaching Lady Ivy's hideout. Many threats and hazards include rising quicksand floors and moving walls, as well as Grindarrs that guard the entrance.


<gallery> Image:KirbyMA_7.jpg|The Kirbys are about to pounce on a Big Beanbon. Image:KMA_ss5.jpg|Grabbing onto a giant, limbless plant to KO the Stactus enemies.

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