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Sorry, pal, we don't stock it. How about a Shirley Temple?
— Samo • Here Comes the Son

Samo is one of the Cappies in Cappy Town. He runs the local bar where he sells drinks and hears the villager's problems, which he then tells Mabel about. He was one of the few who knew she wasn't a true psychic, not that he minded. They both care about each other, though Samo tends to get a bit sappy.

Physical Appearence

Samo is a Cappy with a black mustache and black hair in a pompadour hairstyle. He wears a blue bowtie with a vermilion jacket over a white shirt.


While Samo is rather easy going around the townspeople of Cappy Town, he often gets apprehensive around Mabel. This insecurity often leads him to create some irresponsible actions in his attempts to help her public image, as easily noticed when he offers to help Tuff and the Cappy kid trio as well as Kirby cause some random mischief in town to make her predictions come true during the events of Mabel Turns the Tables, which leads to many characters getting injured as a result. Despite his underhanded tactics, Samo's crush on Mabel is solidified during the latter parts of the anime, and she often teases him over his insecurities. Samo is also described as not being very brave compared to Mabel, as demonstrated in some scenes in Fossil Fools - Part II and Waste Management.


Well, Tiff, Mabel has this special power to see what's in the heart, even if she can't exactly see what's in the future.
— Samo • Prediction Predicament - Part I
Hey! Unhand the lady, sir, if you know what's good for ya!
— Samo • One Crazy Knight
I hold one wish close to me heart...that Mabel will always be happy, and her wishes come true. Don't tell her that, either!
— Samo • Mabel Turns the Tables
This is the first time I ever enjoyed Kawasaki's cooking!
— Samo enjoying Chef Kawasaki's cooking during the Halberd's space mission • Combat Kirby


  • He has a more calm voice in the Japanese version, whereas, in the English version, it sounds rather goofy.
  • In the English version, he speaks with an Irish accent. It is unknown if this choice was made because of his position as a bartender. If so, it would be a reference to the negative stereotype of Irish people being alcoholics.