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Royal Road is the sixth and the last world in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Queen Sectonia resides there in her castle. The first few stages are based off of a medieval setting, but the stages gradually get more technologically advanced.

This world contains the last two HAL rooms in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, to get to the last one, wait 86 seconds in the area with the 5x5 blocks that try to crush Kirby in stage 5. After the 86 seconds are up, the blocks should retract and push out each time with a letter from the word HAL. A door should appear on the bottom of the screen, leading you to a room where there are carts and which eventually will get you to a door with a 1UP, a Keychain, a Maxim tomato and two blue point stars near it.

Each boss is fought again across two separate stages, but this time, they switch up their tactics, using moves usually only reserved for when they have low life. In essence, their movesets closely resemble those of their DX versions.




  • The fifth stage is the only non-bonus stage in the whole game to have DX mini-bosses.
    • Royal Road is also the only level to have two bonus stages, with one being dedicated to the Hypernova ability entirely.
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