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*Hunter Scarfy
*[[Hunter Scarfy]]
*[[Clown Acrobot]]
*[[Clown Acrobot]]
*[[Waddle Doo]]
*[[Waddle Doo]]

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Royal Road is the sixth floating island of Floralia and serves as the sixth level in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

General Information

Royal Road is the home of the regal Queen Sectonia, Taranza, and many insect variants of previously-seen enemies. Sectonia's castle is both medieval and technologically advanced. Multiple stages are made up of locations and settings from previous levels. Here, Kirby rescues the People of the Sky, rescues King Dedede from Taranza's clutches, and battles Floralia's tyrant head-on.

Each boss is fought again across two separate stages. This time, however, they switch up their tactics, using moves usually only reserved for when they have low life. In essence, their movesets closely resemble those of their DX versions.

While this is not the final level in Story Mode, it is in Dededetour. Hanging on Sectonia's wall is the Dimension Mirror which beckons to Shadow Dedede and the evil Dark Meta Knight. Dedede must defeat these villains to complete the sub-game.

The game's last two HAL rooms can be found in Stages 1 and 5. After defeating Gigant Edge in Stage 1, Kirby can fly up into the sky and enter the moon like a door (harkening back to Bubbly Clouds from Kirby's Dream Land). This will lead the hero to the HAL room. In Stage 5, Kirby must wait 86 seconds in the room with the crushing 5x5 blocks. After the time is up, the blocks will retract and push out each time with a letter from the word HAL. A door will then appear on the bottom of the screen, leading to a room with Tilt Gondolas and items.


Regular Enemies

Enemies defeated with the Hypernova ability



Copy Abilities

Every Copy Ability can be found here.



  • Stage 5 is the only non-bonus stage in the whole game to contain DX mid-bosses.
    • Royal Road is also the only level to have two bonus stages, with one being dedicated to the Hypernova ability entirely.
  • The floors and walls in Stages 2 and 4 heavily resemble those seen in Kirby: Canvas Curse's Spectacle Space.


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