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Royal Road is the sixth and final floating island of Floralia and serves as the sixth level in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

General Information

Royal Road is the home of the regal Queen Sectonia, Taranza, and many insect variants of previously-seen enemies. Sectonia's castle is both medieval and technologically advanced. Multiple stages are made up of locations and settings from previous levels connected by Warp Holes. Here, Kirby rescues the People of the Sky, rescues King Dedede from Taranza's clutches, and battles Floralia's tyrant head-on. Seven Sun Stones are required to open the boss stage.

Each boss is fought again across two separate stages. This time, however, they switch up their tactics, using moves usually only reserved for when they have low health. In essence, their movesets closely resemble those of their DX versions.

While this is not the final level in Story Mode, it is in Dededetour. Hanging on Sectonia's wall is the Dimension Mirror which beckons to Shadow Dedede and the evil Dark Meta Knight. Dedede must defeat these villains to complete the sub-game.

The game's last two HAL rooms can be found in Stages 1 and 5. After defeating Gigant Edge in Stage 1, Kirby can fly up into the sky and enter the moon like a door (harkening back to Bubbly Clouds from Kirby's Dream Land). This leads the hero to the HAL Room. In Stage 5, Kirby must wait 86 seconds in the room with the 5x5 3D Securitron blocks. After the time is up, the blocks retract and push out each time with a letter from the word HAL. A door will then appear on the bottom of the screen, leading to a room with Tilt Gondolas and items.

Copy Abilities

Every Copy Ability in the game can be found here.

KTD Archer icon.png
KTD Beam icon.png
KTD Beetle icon.png
KTD Bell icon.png
KTD Bomb icon.png
KTD Circus icon.png
KTD Crash icon.png
KTD Cutter icon.png
KTD Fighter icon.png
KTD Fire icon.png
KTD Hammer icon.png
KPR Sticker 186.png
KTD Ice icon.png
KTD Leaf icon.png
KTD Mike icon.png
KTD Needle icon.png
KTD Ninja icon.png
KTD Parasol icon.png
KTD Sleep icon.png
KTD Spark icon.png
KTD Spear icon.png
KTD Stone icon.png
KTD Sword icon.png
KTD Wheel icon.png
KTD Whip icon.png
KTD Wing icon.png

Sun Stone

Stage 1

  1. In the room with the Lollipop Tank, there's a ladder below the floor. Climbing down it will lead to an alcove with a couple of barrels.
  2. In the room with Cannons, there's an area on the ceiling without spikes. Shoot it. Move both 8-ton weights to the far right. Then, move them back to the left to that only the top weight is above the left Durable Block. Use Sword from Gigant Edge or Beetle from the HAL Room to cut the rope of the top 8-ton weight. Use the 3D Warp Star to go into the foreground to press the switch, opening the gate above the second Durable Block. Move the remaining weight to the far right and cut the rope.
  3. Fall through the soft platform in the second room with the Waddle Dee Tank. Destroy the Bomb Block, as it will get rid of the platform beneath the tank. Destroy the Bomb Block preventing further progress. Destroy the barrel to find a 3D Warp Star. Take it to the background to retrieve the Treasure Chest.

Stage 2

  1. In the room after fighting Coily Rattler, there is an optional room. Use the Tilt Bowl to cause the flowers to bloom. The right flower releases a Key, the left flower releases a red Star and serves as a platform.

Stage 3

  1. Match the heads to the husband and wife snowmen.
  2. Inhale the Treasure Chest using through the Magic Tube.
  3. In the room with the Cannon Towers, there's a ladder in the area with the second Cannon Tower. Hover and climb up the ladder for another Cannon Tower that has an optional door. In the optional room, move the Slide Laser Robot under the ice below the toy truck. Move the truck into the pit. Pull the Slide Laser Robot so that it's under the block of ice containing the Sun Stone. Pull on the purple switch once the ice has melted in order to safely collect the Sun Stone.

Stage 4

  1. In the room after fighting Flowery Woods, skip the Warp Hole and continue going to the left.

Stage 5

  1. After taking the top-right Warp Hole, hit all of the switches and destroy all of the Durable Blocks with the 3D Helmet Cannon in order to get the Key to the locked door.
  2. After taking the top-left Warp Hole, enter the optional room in the background with Hammer from Bonkers. Use Hammer Flip to light the fuse. Move the blocks to keep the spark going.
  3. Take the 3D Warp Star that appears after defeating Mr. Frosty DX.
  4. Take the 3D Warp Star that appears after defeating the three Grand Wheelie DXs. Keep moving to the left.

Stage 7

  1. User Circus's Fire-Hoop Jump to melt the Ice Blocks below the Springy Hands, allowing access to an optional room. Grab the Sun Stone quickly, but also melt the Ice Blocks below using Circus or Fire.
  2. Use the second Timed Dynamite to destroy the Durable Block. Enter the optional room. Use the 3D Laser Bar to destroy the Durable Blocks, but not the regular ones. Open the Treasure Chest.
  3. In Treasure Chest after defeating Hornhead DX and Gigant Edge DX.

Stage 8

  1. To the top left of the end door; in plain sight.


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KTD - Moonlight Capital
KSA Taranza artwork transparent.png
In Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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In Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
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Rockabilly and Blues - Kirby Star Allies
Kirby Star Allies
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Rare keychains

Stage Rare keychain Image Guide
Stage 1 Galacta Knight Rare Keychain 29.png After obtaining the third Sun Stone, continue moving to the left. To the left of the pit where the Lollipop Tank fell, there is a hole in the wall.
Stage 2 Dark Mind Rare Keychain 30.png In the background in the left pit of the Kracko fight. Do not defeat Kracko before going into the background. The rare keychain can be retrieved during or after the fight, but it is recommended to be done after the fight, as falling into the pit will send Kirby back onto a nearby platform.
Stage 3 Sweet Stuff Drawing Rare Keychain 31.png In the second room with wrecking balls, pull the first one back partway, so that it will only knock the wall over. Pull the second one back all the way as to obliterate the next wall. Take the downward path. Inhale the left Waddle Dee Train.
Stage 4 King Dedede Painting Rare Keychain 32.png In the room after fighting Pyribbit, go to the top left to find a Terrain Block. Destroy it and get in the Cannon.
Stage 5 Golden Egg Statue Rare Keychain 33.png Using Hammer from Bonkers after taking the top-left Warp Hole, enter the bottom-right Warp Hole. Pound the Stake and then hover below the platform which the stake was on.
Stage 7 Magolor Rare Keychain 34.png Use Fire or Circus to melt the Ice Blocks to obtain a Key. After bringing the Key to the locked door, use Ice from Chilly to douse the Fire Blocks.
Stage 8 Taranza Rare Keychain 35.png Enter the moon on the banner.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ロイヤル ロード Officially romanized as Royal Road.
English Royal Road
Traditional Chinese 皇室之路 Translates to Royal Road.
Korean 로열 로드 Officially romanized as Royal Road.
German Nächtliche Noblesse Translates to Nighttime Noblesse.
French Intrigue Impériale Translates to Imperial Plot.
Italian Nuvola Nobile Translates to Noble Cloud.
Spanish Largo Linaje Translates to Long Lineage.


  • Stage 5 is the only non-bonus stage in the whole game to contain DX mid-bosses.
    • Royal Road is also the only level to have two bonus stages, with one being dedicated to the Hypernova ability entirely.
  • The floors and walls in Stages 2 and 4 heavily resemble those seen in Kirby: Canvas Curse’s Spectacle Space.
  • In Stage 8, Hypernova Kirby is tasked with unfurling a banner at the end of the stage. It features images of Kirby from past games lined up, ending with Hypernova. At the end of the banner is an animated picture of King Dedede and Kirby in Bubbly Clouds. Dedede pounds the ground with his hammer, and the pair jumps in the air. The goal door and a Sun Stone can be found at the end of the banner, as well as a moon image that acts as a door. Taranza's keychain can be found in the secret area after the player descends in a long fall collecting food.
  • A remix of the Fountain of Dreams's music from Super Smash Bros. Melee plays during the Hypernova section of Stage 8.
  • Stage 7 features the music tracks "The Adventure Begins," "Infinite Power," "Looming Darkness," and "Sky Waltz," all of which are reused from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.