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Yes. When I imagined Pappy's world, it felt like I was really there. That's the power of imagination. No matter how sad we feel or how bad our circumstances, we can use our imaginations to dream something better. We should never give up on our dreams because they're what build our tomorrows!
— Rowlin • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Rowlin is a character only appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in the episode A Novel Approach. She is the author of the best-selling series "Pappy Pottey," and a role model to Tiff.

General Information

The first time Rowlin appears, she comes directly from Nightmare Enterprises and is really the Broom King, one of Nightmare's monsters, in disguise. Working with King Dedede, the impostor gathers up all the Cappies, who desperately want to learn about the ending of the book, and promises to give them all a public reading at Castle Dedede, which she transforms into a "magic school." Soon after they enroll, the Cappies get possessed and begin to attack Kirby. Luckily, the real Rowlin shows up with Meta Knight and proves that the Rowlin who worked with Dedede was a false. Not even Dedede knew that she was an impostor.

Whereas the fake Rowlin claimed that she created the series for monetary gain, the real Rowlin says that she wrote the book to dream. She goes on to explain that she felt better after writing such a wonderful story and insightfully tells the Cappies to try dreaming whenever they go through hard times. The Cappies applaud Rowlin for her inspiring speech. Knowing her cover is blown, the impostor charges at Rowlin, only to be repelled by Meta Knight. The impostor then transforms into the monstrous Broom King.

After Kirby destroys Broom King, Rowlin hears that Dedede burned all the Pappy Pottey books in Cappy Town. She decides to distribute copies out to all of them, and at last acknowledges Tiff. Rowlin reveals that she showed up to personally answer a letter she wrote to her. She also decides to happily autograph Dedede's book, despite his devious actions. Tiff tells Rowlin that she too will write such a wondrous book some day.

Physical Appearance

Rowlin is a yellow skinned woman similar to Lady Like with short, wavy blonde hair, brown eyes and pink lipstick. She wears a pair of brown glasses on her head, a dark blue dress and a turquoise jacket with a teal collar and cuffs.


Her name is a clear pun on popular author Joanne Rowling, better known as J. K. Rowling. The two share similar lives (both starting off poor and growing into wealthy philanthropists). Rowlin's book series "Pappy Pottey" is also a reference to Rowling's own series, Harry Potter.


  • Rowlin is never referred to as her real name in the dub and is instead called "The Author" at various points in the show.
  • She seems to be the same species that Tiff and her family are.