The Lovely Rose is the powered up form of Lovely in the sub-game Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra. A natural temptress of the plant kingdom, this flower acts just the same as her weaker counterpart, Lovely. Once Lovely Rose spots Kirby, she will extend her thorn-covered stem and clasp Kirby within her rose petals and continuously damage Kirby until he escapes. Like the regular Lovely, Lovely Rose can be mounted on either the ground or the ceiling, and thus cannot be inhaled. Lovely Rose often swishes around the leaves at her base and occasionally winks at Kirby if she has the chance.

The main difference between the two flowers is that Lovely Rose is faster, can reach farther, spots Kirby more often, and does more damage once she gets a hold of Kirby.

Physical Appearance

Lovely Rose, as her name implies, is based off of a rose. She has a vivid green stem covered in grayish thorns. Her face is completely black and has no facial features except for very large blue eyes. Surrounding her shadowed face are dozens of crimson rose petals.

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