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Roly-Poly is an enemy in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. A native creature of the mirror world, Roly-Polys are relatively harmless foes that attack by rolling. They can be found almost anywhere, from Rainbow Route to Candy Constellation, but are most common in Peppermint Palace. Roly-Poly does not give any Copy Ability when inhaled.

Physical Appearance

Roly-Poly resembles a sky blue-colored sphere with dark blue-colored, Kirby-like feet. For facial features, it has a cat-like mouth, the top of which extends over the bottom part. Roly-Polys also have small, black, circular eyes with white pupils. Other than these aspects, however, no other features are visible on its body.


Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Roly-Polys' main method of attack is to ram into Kirby while rolling. To do this, they continually chase him; they alternate between rolling a moderate distance in Kirby's direction and taking a short rest. When they roll, Roly-Polys are affected by gravity, either speeding up if traveling downhill or being pulled backwards if traveling uphill. Roly-Polys can also attempt to hit Kirby by leaping high into the air. This attack seems to occur when Kirby is in the air.


Roly-Polys are likely named after the woodlice of the same name. Though they bear little resemblance to Roly-Polys, those insects can roll up their bodies in the same way Roly-Polys can.

Its Japanese name, コロロン (Kororon), comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for rolling, コロコロ (Korokoro).


  • Mr. Frosty's earlier sprites shares a passing resemblance to Roly-Poly, but no evidence supports any form of relationship between the two.

Names in Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese コロロン --
German Rollnit --
French Roulboul --
Italian Ruzzolo --
Spanish Girinus --