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Robo Moley is a boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Robo Moley is a large robotic mole with a small, round nose, a red muzzle-like mouth with teeth, and green sensors for eyes. It has two relatively-small ears that look almost like speaker systems, both of which are not connected to the robot's head. Two gray and red spikes protrude from the sides of its head. The robot also has a red base, metal hands with three red, rectangular fingers on each, and a transparent-blue dome overtop the head. One can clearly see a Mole inside the cockpit.


Kirby Mass Attack

Robo Moley does not appear anywhere in the main game, but serves as a boss in the Field Frenzy sub-game. When a boss appears at the end of a round, there is a chance it will be Robo Moley.

Like Moley in this sub-game, Robo Moley does not have any form of attack. It cannot be destroyed, as it consumes the time at the end of the round. The player can tap it as many times as possible within the last three seconds of the round to boost his/her score. Robo Moley gives 20 points on the first, fifth, tenth, and fifteenth taps, and gives 10 points for every tap in between.


  • Robo Moley is the only boss exclusive to Kirby Mass Attack that does not appear in the main game.
  • When the player taps Robo Moley, both the robot and the Mole inside flinch.