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KPR Susie artwork.png This article is about the final boss in Kirby's Dream Course. For other uses, see Robo Dedede.

Robo Dedede[1] is a final boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Dream Course. As the name implies, it is a mechanical construction appearing uncannily like King Dedede. It is piloted from the inside by the real King Dedede.

Physical Appearance

Robo Dedede is a clockwork-like entity that is uncannily similar to King Dedede right down to the proportions and rounded belly, but it has a drill in place of its right hand and a clamp in place of its left. It also has other bolts across its body, and two vents on its belly that are presumably used for temperature control. It lacks the real Dedede's patterned waistband.


Kirby's Dream Course

Robo Dedede appears as the only boss of the game. It slowly approaches Kirby, using its limitless supply of Chibi Dededes as a secondary method of attack. Chibi Dededes that run behind Kirby and touch him will deduct a single life, and if Robo Dedede reaches the edge of the green zone marking Kirby's "territory," it results in an instant Game Over regardless of the player's stock of extra lives. Robo Dedede is defeated by being damaged six times, with Chibi Dededes KOed by a single hit. After it is destroyed, it is revealed that King Dedede was inside of it all along.

Kirby does not use a power meter in this battle, with every shot being immediately fired at 100% strength. After colliding with either type of Dedede during a shot, he will instantly return to his starting position without taking damage, allowing the player to rapidly fire Kirby like cannonballs at the Dededes. The Shot Panel gauges for applying horizontal and vertical spin are still available and used, though adjustments to the latter gauge are useless against Robo Dedede. Curved shots with sideways spin can be used for hitting Chibi Dededes in tricky positions.

When playing on the unlockable Extra courses, Robo Dedede moves forward slightly faster and has twice as many hit points, needing to be damaged twelve times to be defeated.


  • Robo Dedede's design would be the inspiration for later Dedede-inspired robots.
    • HR-D3 maintains the drill on the right hand.
    • Robo Dedede from Kirby's Return to Dream Land appears very similar, except lacking the drill arm and having a more updated design: it has glowing purple eyes, legs instead of just feet, a yellow bottom section, glove-like hands, and the robe has been replaced by red shoulder pauldrons with a Dedede symbol on each. It is also equipped with a hammer and other weapons.