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Rip is a motorcycle-riding punk appearing in the two-part Born to Be Mild episode who enjoys causing trouble for the Cappies. He and his friend Turbo do exactly what Fang tells them to do and follow him everywhere he goes.

Fang, Rip, and Turbo roared into Cappy Town looking for the legendary biker Steppenwolf. Kirby was able to destroy both Rip and Turbo by blinding them and leading them right into roadblocks. The two were then never seen again, but Fang survived and attended Cappy Town's second race.

Physical Appearance

Rip looks like a punk Cappy with a pig tattoo, purple jeans, a black vest, a mask over his mouth, a dark green Spartan helmet, brown hair, and a pair of dark purple sunglasses. Like Fang, Rip also rides a motorcycle that resembles a Rex Wheelie. The bike he rides is yellow.


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