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Rhythm Route is a futuristic city on Planet Popstar and serves as the fifth level of Kirby: Planet Robobot.

General Information

Rhythm Route is a sprawling purple metropolis created by the Haltmann Works Company. Its architecture is inspired by music, though the level itself borrows some concepts from Patched Plains and Resolution Road. Waddle Dee Drivers drive down the city streets, only stopping for traffic signals. A casino, research facility, and trolley are also established here. With Robobot Armor's Mike and Wheel Modes, Kirby can awaken giant Sleepy Turtles and race down the road.

By collecting at least seven of the 18 Code Cubes scattered throughout Rhythm Route, Kirby disables the firewall protecting the boss. He then meets Susie for a third time. After singing part of "The Noble Haltmann" and speaking with Kirby, she escapes, leaving the hero to fight Dedede Clone.

Copy Abilities

KTD Archer icon.png
KTD Beam icon.png
KTD Bomb icon.png
KTD Circus icon.png
KTD Cutter icon.png
KPR Doctor icon.png
KPR ESP icon.png
KTD Fire icon.png
KTD Hammer icon.png
KTD Ice icon.png
KPR Jet icon.png
KTD Leaf icon.png
KTD Mike icon.png
KPR Mirror icon.png
KTD Ninja icon.png
KPR Poison icon.png
KTD Sleep icon.png
KPR SmashBros icon.png
Smash Bros.
KTD Spark icon.png
KTD Stone icon.png
KTD Sword icon.png
KTD Wheel icon.png
KTD Whip icon.png

Robobot Armor Modes

KPR Pause Beam Robobot artwork.png
Beam Mode
KPR Pause ESP Robobot artwork.png
ESP Mode
KPR Pause Mike Robobot artwork.png
Mike Mode
KPR Pause Spark Robobot artwork.png
Spark Mode
KPR Pause Stone Robobot artwork.png
Stone Mode
KPR Pause Sword Robobot artwork.png
Sword Mode
KPR Pause Wheel Robobot artwork.png
Wheel Mode

Code Cubes

Stage 1

  1. Use Jet to light fuse to Cannon. Light another fuse to Cannon.
  2. In room with Waddle Dee Drivers and Springy Music, climb up ladder and open up Treasure Chest.
  3. Wake up left Sleepy Turtle with Mike Mode. Open Treasure Chest.

Stage 2

  1. In the room with giant billiards balls, take the Battery from Key Dee. Take it to the table saw.
  2. Third segment of roulette room.
  3. Use Robobot Armor to knock giant billiards ball into gold Durable Blocks.

Stage 3

  1. Follow the correct path as displayed on the screen in the background: Left Door, Top-Right Door, Middle Door. For the last door, go upward to hit a switch to make middle door appear.
  2. Using Spark/Beam Mode from door puzzle, power wire and use crank to continue current to gate. Behind the gate is a garage door. In the next room, rotate the crank counterclockwise until the screw falls out, revealing a couple of Waddle Dees, doodling a picture of Kirby and King Dedede, and a Code Cube. The Waddle Dees will be scared and run away, giving Kirby the Code Cube.
  3. In room with Skull Panels on the floor, in the third Treasure Chest by the Covered Looker.

Stage 4

  1. Skip the second wheel-powered laser by using 3D Spring Hopper. Fall down pit leading to third wheel-powered laser.
  2. Race Bomb Block chain.
  3. Above three oil cans; in plain sight.

Stage 5

  1. Use 3D Laser Bar to destroy Durable Blocks and hit switches in the background in order to get Battery and bring it to the table saw.
  2. In the room after Bonkers, use Hammer to pound a Stake in the background, revealing an optional room. Pound all of the stakes to clear the way to the Code Cube.
  3. Use Robobot Armor to turn screw in tower to tear it down, allowing Kirby to go into the background. Climb up the scaffolding to get a Treasure Chest.

Stage 7

  1. Use Hyper Boomerang or a backwards Cutter Boomerang to bounce off a wall to cut rope in water.
  2. Use Stone Mode to destroy gold Durable Blocks by punching trucks. Climb up ladder to optional room. Use Spark Mode to power wire. Use crank to move platform to continue the circuit.
  3. In Treasure Chest after defeating Telepathos 2.0.

Rare stickers

Stage Rare Sticker Image Guide
Stage 1 King Dedede Icon KPR Sticker 23.png In the area with the cars, there is a place with three ladders. Hover above the second one.
Stage 2 Dragoon KPR Sticker 142.png Enter through the top of the casino. In the room with Smash Bros., destroy the Star Blocks. The Rare Sticker is to the right.
Stage 3 Magolor KPR Sticker 183.png Using Spark/Beam Mode from door puzzle, power wire and use crank to continue current to gate. Behind the gate is a garage door. In the next room, power wire and rotate crank to continue current to gate, but don't rotate too much counterclockwise, as it will pop out, making the circuit impossible to do.
Stage 4 Dark Matter KPR Sticker 102.png In the first room, when traveling to the left, travel on the floating platforms by using Speed Burst and 3D Spring Hopper. Inside a few Durable Blocks.
Stage 5 Masked Dedede KPR Sticker 169.png Use Stone Mode to push around trucks. One of them is blocking the Rare Sticker.
Stage 7 Qbby KPR Sticker 199.png In billiards area, travel all the way to the right before climbing the ladder.


Rhythm Route is based on the general musical theme initially present in the level.

Its Japanese name, Repositrim Rhythm, is a reference to the repository, which stores metadata for a set of files; rhythm also appears in this name.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese リポジトリム リズム Officially romanized as Repositrim Rhythm.
English Rhythm Route
Korean 리듬 루트 Officially romanized as Rhythm Route.
German Boulevard der Beats Translates to Boulevard of Beats.
French Rodéo Rythmique Translates to Rhythmic Rodeo.
Italian Edifici Ritmici Translates to Rhythmic Buildings.
Spanish Espacio Eufónico Translates to Euphonic Space.


"Sky-High and Smitten" plays in Stage 1, the first rooms of Stages 2, 3, and 4, and the last room of Stage 5; this is a remix of "Gourmet Race" from Kirby Super Star. "Gorgeous-Go-Round" plays in Stage 2 after entering the casino. "Rhythm Code" plays in Stage 2 in the Secret area and in the puzzle rooms in Stages 3 and 5. "Neon Laboratory" plays in Stage 3 after entering the lab; this is a remix of "Dark Castle" from Kirby's Dream Land 2. "Outlaw Driver" plays in Stage 4 after obtaining Wheel Mode; this is a remix of "Pink Ball Activate!" "Loud Locomotive" plays in Stage 5 while in the train. "Caught Me Singing" plays in Stage 6 during the "Unreal King" cutscene. "Dedede's Tridimensional Cannon" plays in Stage 6 when fighting Dedede Clones & D3. "9.3 Billion in Anguish" plays upon defeating the Dedede Clones. Stage 7 features music from past games: "Cart Run" from Kirby: Canvas Curse, which is a remix of King Dedede's theme from Kirby's Dream Land, plays in the first two rooms; "Staff Roll" from Kirby's Dream Course plays in the third room; "Sand Canyon 3" from Kirby's Dream Land 3 plays in the fourth room; "Mini-Game" from Kirby's Dream Land 3 plays in the puzzle room; "Halberd" from Kirby's Epic Yarn, which is a remix of Meta Knight's Revenge from Kirby Super Star, plays in the fifth and sixth rooms.