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Red Boxes are items that appear in the City Trial mode of Kirby Air Ride.

General Information

Red Boxes can be broken by running into them, Quick Spinning into them, or attacking them with an ability. Having a machine with high Offense and/or high speed will cause the boxes to break easier. Red Boxes often contain Copy Panels that give Kirby a Copy Ability to use for a limited time. Red Boxes appear about as often as Blue Boxes.

Occasionally, a Red Box will contain a Dragoon or Hydra piece—they are the only boxes in which these pieces can be found. It's impossible to tell which Red Boxes contain Copy Abilities and which contain Dragoon/Hydra pieces, other than in the random event where all boxes contain the same items or the boxes become bouncy (in this event, the boxes that contain Dragoon/Hydra pieces don't spin or bounce respectively). It can be determined in another less reliable method. The Red Boxes that have the Dragoon/Hydra parts won't vanish after a certain amount of time, like all the other boxes do. Another way to determine if a Red Box contains a Dragoon/Hydra part is if it appears where boxes don't usually appear, such as below the volcanic area, and in the cave below Whispy Woods. It is also important to note that the pieces do not spawn in every match of City Trial.

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