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You'll find these tucked away in certain places throughout each stage. And occasionally, Fluff or Waddle Dee will give you one.
— Instruction manual description • Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

The Ravel Ball is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.


Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Ravel Balls appear throughout most of the stages in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Ravel Balls are carried around by Waddle Dees and Bronto Burts, as well as by Prince Fluff, who appears midway through certain stages. When obtained, Kirby will gain the Ravel Ability corresponding to the Ravel Ball. Pressing X will revert the Ravel Ability back into a Ravel Ball, which will bounce around like an Ability Star in a traditional platformer; the same result occurs when Kirby takes damage.

Name Description Image
Knitting Needles The ability to create yarn balls anytime. Ravel Ball 1.jpg
Wire The ability to attack enemies with a wire sword. Ravel Ball 2.jpg
Button The ability to toss Button Bombs at your enemies. Ravel Ball 3.jpg
Nylon The ability to transform into a whirlwind to attack enemies and vacuum up beads. Ravel Ball 4.jpg
Bobbin The ability to attack with a bobbin. Ravel Ball 5.jpg
Marking Pins The ability to attack your enemies by throwing pins. Ravel Ball 6.jpg


In Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, Prince Fluff appears partway through the stage, bearing a gift for Kirby. He will hold a Ravel Ball if Kirby does not have the corresponding Ravel Ability; up until Space Land, this Ravel Ball will always correspond to the first one present in the stage. He will hold a Star Bead if Kirby already has the corresponding Ravel Ability or if Kirby is using a Metamortex Transformation. He will hold a Life Bead in all of his appearances in Devilish Mode.

Since Prince Fluff can give Ravel Balls if Kirby does not have the corresponding Ravel Ability, he will be noted in such situations where he can grant one.

Level Stage Ravel Ball
Grass Land Fountain Gardens Knitting Needles x 2, Prince Fluff
Flower Fields Wire x 2, Prince Fluff
Rainbow Falls Button x 2, Prince Fluff
Big-Bean Vine Nylon x 2, Prince Fluff
Hot Land Pyramid Sands Bobbin x 2, Prince Fluff
Lava Landing Marking Pins x 2, Prince Fluff
Cool Cave Knitting Needles, Nylon, Prince Fluff
Dino Jungle Wire, Marking Pins, Prince Fluff
Treat Land Toy Tracks Knitting Needles, Nylon, Button
Mushroom Run Bobbin, Marking Pins, Button, Prince Fluff
Sweets Park Marking Pins, Knitting Needles, Button, Prince Fluff
Melody Town Bobbin, Wire, Prince Fluff, Nylon
Dark Manor Button, Wire, Prince Fluff, Knitting Needles
Water Land Splash Beach Wire, Knitting Needles, Prince Fluff, Marking Pins
Blub-Blub Ocean Marking Pins, Button, Nylon
Secret Island Button, Bobbin, Prince Fluff, Marking Pins
Deep-Dive Deep Knitting Needles, Wire, Bobbin
Boom Boatyard Nylon, Button, Prince Fluff, Marking Pins
Snow Land Snowy Fields Button, Bobbin, Wire, Prince Fluff, Bobbin
Cozy Cabin Marking Pins, Knitting Needles, Bobbin, Prince Fluff, Knitting Needles
Frosty Wheel Nylon, Wire, Prince Fluff, Bobbin, Wire
Evergreen Lift Wire, Marking Pins, Nylon, Prince Fluff, Wire
Space Land Future City Nylon, Bobbin, Wire, Nylon
Tube Town Wire, Nylon, Knitting Needles, Marking Needles (Prince Fluff), Nylon
Mysterious UFO Marking Pins, Button, Knitting Needles, Marking Pins
Stellar Way Nylon, Button, Knitting Needles (Prince Fluff), Nylon, Button
Dream Land Whispy's Forest Knitting Needles, Bobbin, Wire, Bobbin (Prince Fluff), Knitting Needles


  • The artwork for the Knitting Needles Ravel Ball is the only piece of Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn promotional art that does not use a patch or stitching aesthetic.