Ravel Abilities, also called Knitting Powers, are abilities that Kirby can obtain in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, a remake of Kirby's Epic Yarn. In Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby lost the ability to inhale, and therefore Copy enemies' abilities; Kirby's Metamortex Transformations serve as a sort of substitution for these. While Transformations are still present in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, Ravel Abilities have been added to supplement this idea; Ravel Abilities also resemble Kirby's Copy Abilities to a greater extent than the Transformations present.


Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn introduces six Ravel Abilities. They enhance/replace Kirby's Yarn Whip technique. Kirby can discard a Ravel Ability by pressing X, dropping the Ravel Ability item and causing it to bounce around like an Ability Star; Kirby will also lose his Ravel Ability upon taking damage; Kirby can simply grab it again to re-obtain the Ravel Ability.

Name Flavor Text Description Appearance
Knitting Needles Make a yarn ball anytime! Or make a HUGE yarn ball by wrapping up an enemy. Roll Up now creates a large yarn ball that pierces through enemies. Can create normal-sized yarn balls by using the Yarn Whip technique without having to grab an enemy or other wrappable objects. It is comparable to the Throw ability. Ravel Ability 1
Wire Swing your sword and cut through anything! Turn the tables in a big way with a flurry of slashes. Kirby now wields a sword made from a deformed paperclip. The Yarn Whip technique is now replaced with a sword slash, one which Kirby can reform many slashes in quick succession. It is comparable to the Sword ability. Ravel Ability 2
Button Toss button bombs that can blow up all kinds of things. You could even blast open a path! Kirby's Yarn Whip technique allows him to produce a button bomb if it does not grab an enemy or wrappable object. The button bomb will explode after a short period of time. Kirby can throw it normally, giving it an arching trajectory; while dashing, it has a lower trajectory when thrown; throwing it up will cause it to come back down; Kirby can also drop it right in front of him. It is comparable to the Bomb ability. Ravel Ability 3
Nylon Become a whirlwind. Spin, spin, and spin some more! The Yarn Whip technique is replaced with a windy vortex that Kirby can create for a brief period of time. This vortex suspends Kirby in the air, draws in nearby beads, and damages nearby enemies. It is comparable to the Tornado ability. Ravel Ability 4
Bobbin Flick your bobbin yo-yo with abandon! The Yarn Whip technique is replaced by throwing a bobbin forward, which is attached to a string, allowing it to return to Kirby. The bobbin defeats enemies and destroys objects in its path. It is comparable to the Yo-Yo ability. Ravel Ability 5
Marking Pins Throw those marking pins! Toss 'em at enemies left and right! Kirby's Yarn Whip technique is now accompanied by him throwing out three pins a short distance. It is comparable to the Ninja ability. Ravel Ability 6


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