In order to defeat Dark Matter, you need the Rainbow Sword. It is said that the sword has something to do with the Rainbow Drops hiding on the islands. Will Kirby be able to save the Dream Land from Dark Matter?
— Last Stage (vs. Dark Matter) • Kirby's Dream Land 2 Instruction Booklet

The Rainbow Sword is a weapon created by collecting all the Rainbow Drops.

General Information

Kirby uses the Rainbow Sword to fight Dark Matter in Kirby's Dream Land 2. If Kirby has not collected all the drops, the Sword is not formed, and the bad ending plays instead. It does not fire projectiles, unlike most other Final Weapons, but it can reflect Dark Matter's attacks. In direct combat, it deals a fifth of a point of damage to Dark Matter's swordsman form and a fifth of a point of damage to Dark Matter's true form. When using the Rainbow Sword to reflect attacks, a single reflected star hitting the swordsman form deals one point of damage, and two points when it reflects a "petal" of the final form.


Move Controls Description
Swing B Kirby swings the Rainbow Sword, chopping enemies. This move reflects Dark Matter's projectiles.


  • Despite its name, due to graphic limitations of the Game Boy, it is depicted in black and white. However, if the game is played using either the Super Game Boy or the Game Boy Color, it is seen with a pink coloration, as well as forming a rainbow during the end credits, although only three colors can be seen from it; once again, due to graphic limitations.
  • Along with Master, the Rainbow Sword is one of the only swords to be a final weapon.
  • The Rainbow Sword is referenced in Kirby: Planet Robobot, where Dark Matter Clone's sword will occasionally turn a rainbow color before he attacks; this reference comes from the fact that Kirby previously used the Rainbow Sword to defeat Dark Matter's swordsman form, which Dark Matter Clone remembers.




Other Ability Icons

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