Rainbow Route is the first area in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and precedes Moonlight Mansion. It consists of grass-covered plains and other basic terrains, comparable to many other first levels in the Kirby series. Rainbow Route also serves as a hub for every level. The music that plays in most areas of this level later appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and later had a remix in Super Smash Bros. Universe

General Information

Rainbow Route is located at the heart of the Mirror World. It connects to each of the levels that Kirby must enter to find the Mirror Shards. It begins as a simple grassland, but the scenery changes depending on where it's located, such as having a mountainous terrain when approaching Mustard Mountain and pine forests surrounding Carrot Castle. Being the first level, the earlier parts of Rainbow Route do not have many challenges and is overall easy to venture through. As Kirby's quest progresses further however, he moves to harder and more diverse parts of Rainbow Route, which have more complex puzzles and a wider array of enemies and impediments. The only places Rainbow Route does not come in direct contact with are the final level, Candy Constellation, Peppermint Palace, Olive Ocean and Radish Ruins. To reach said levels Kirby must reach them through other levels.

Rainbow Route is also the place where Kirby first comes face-to-face with his Mirror World counterpart, Shadow Kirby.


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