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This is where Kirby learns the "ropes." The friendlier citizens of Patch Land also reside here, to help and be helped by Kirby.
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Quilty Square is the first area of Patch Land that Kirby can explore in Kirby's Epic Yarn and it is the most important one of all. The player can access Grass Land and Space Land from here, as soon as the relevant area patches are stitched back together.

Patch Castle

Patch Castle is the home of Prince Fluff, and features as the first and only stage in Quilty Square. It is mainly composed of tutorial elements. The top room is initially locked, and contains the remaining magical sock which is the means to Dream Land. It will be unlocked after Patch Land is entirely restored.

Patch Plaza

Patch Plaza

Patch Plaza is an area dedicated to tracking Kirby's progress through the story and his attainment of unlocked furniture, fabric, and treasures in each of the maps.


Not available at the start, after Dom Woole introduces his brothers to Kirby, Loomis Woole eventually offers to sell fabrics, and Chaise Woole furniture.

Quilty Court

Quilty Court belongs to Dom Woole and houses up to six tenants when fully built. Kirby's Pad is Room 101 of the apartment building. The player can decorate it with treasures obtained from the main story adventure, sub-games, or simply bought from the shops. Certain furniture can be upholstered with unlocked fabrics from sub-games or bought, and the size, rotation, and position of the default cloth textures can be adjusted. If two players are playing, Kirby and Prince Fluff decorate the same room.

The other rooms in the apartment building are unlocked by decorating them with the required furniture to attract tenants. A total of two more floors can be added by giving beads to Dom Woole for a total of 5 rooms not including Kirby's Pad. Once fully decorated, Zeke, Beadrix, Carrie, Buster, and Mara move in and offer different sub-games: Zeke plays hide and seek, Beadrix has Kirby collecting beads, Carrie has Kirby carry her to a certain location, Buster has Kirby practice fighting, and Mara races against Kirby.


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