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Quick Spin is a basic attack from Kirby Air Ride, performed by shaking the Control Stick left and right quickly while the user is moving. The machine spins, inflicting damage to enemies at point-blank range for 2 seconds and slowing the user. The spins for most machines are horizontal, though Meta Knight's and Wing Kirby's are vertical and knock enemies into the air.

The damage from the Quick Spin is high at the start and fades over time. Using the attack just before ramming into an enemy will drag them forward. In addition, the Quick Spin has invincibility frames near the start, which can block unavoidable abilities such as Plasma bolts.

On non-Wheelie machines, Kirby spins along with his machine, allowing him to launch BombsFire, Gold Spikes and the Firecracker in different directions, as well as swinging the Sword at enemies behind him.

In Top Ride, Quick Spin knocks away nearby enemies and can be used to discard most items.

In City Trial, it is useful for breaking boxes and the event pillar with machines that cannot accelerate or Charge quickly such as the Formula Star.