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Puppet Dee is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It yields no Copy Ability when inhaled.

Physical Appearance

Puppet Dee is composed of a group of three Waddle Dees inside a large, shabby paper maché Waddle Dee.


Kirby's Return to Dream Land

When the paper maché covering is destroyed, the three Waddle Dees fly out in random directions, which can be dangerous in some situations. Kirby can defeat each Waddle Dee individually or inhale the whole thing in one using a Super Inhale. Additionally, if he has the Ice Ability, he can defeat the maché without releasing the Waddle Dees within.

Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition

Puppet Dee appears in the New Challenge Stages mode, specifically in the Smash Combat Chamber.

Kirby Star Allies

Puppet Dee returns in Kirby Star Allies. In this game, they function just as they did in their previous appearances, though the paper maché covering is now more shabby from a visual standpoint, such as with more visible edges of colored paper and various creases. Also, depending on what Friend Ability either Kirby or his friends have, all three Waddle Dees in the covering can be defeated instantly.

Puppet Dee appears in the game's boss rush mode, The Ultimate Choice, as a part of Mid-Boss All-Stars #1. It appears in three levels of difficulty (Sweet Breeze, Spicy Adventure and Sizzling Threat).


  • The first Kirby's Return to Dream Land trailer shown at E3 2011 revealed that Puppet Dees were originally going to be reddish-pink in color.[1]
    • Similarly, the first trailer for Kirby Star Allies shown at E3 2017 showed that Puppet Dees were planned to retain their design from their previous appearances.

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