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Insect-like creatures that drop from the ceilings of caves and other places, Pupas explode if you touch them. Carefully walk under them or cut the web line that holds them to the ceiling.
— Description • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Official Strategy Guide (Prima)

Pupa is an insect-like enemy, debuting in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. They descend from ceilings when Kirby approaches on a thin strand of thread and do collision damage if Kirby runs into one. However if Kirby attacks or even runs through the thread attaching them to the ceiling, they will fall and explode upon hitting the ground, potentially making them a useful weapon if timed right. Pupa cannot be inhaled.


Pupa's body is tear shaped. On the bottom segment is its face, black with white eyes. The rest of its body is red and yellow striped. It hangs on a delicate thread, like its namesake, the pupa stage of a caterpillar.


Pupa spend much of their time clinging to ceilings. But, as Kirby nears it, it drops down and hangs on a silvery thread. After that, it just dangles there, posing as no threat should Kirby ignore it. Sometimes, there is enough space under a Pupa for Kirby to simply walk by. While under it, Kirby can hurt it by hitting it with his head or using a Copy Ability. Another way to defeat it is to go through its weak thread. Kirby can cut it by either attacking it, or simply passing through it (as the strand is very fragile). Doing so will cause the Pupa to fall and explode. This can burn Kirby if he's not careful, but if timed correctly Pupa's explosion can be used to attack other enemies.

A giant Pupa appears as a mid-boss in Stage 3 of Shiver Star. Like its smaller relatives, it will dangle about for a mere few seconds, before drifting up off the screen and dropping down in another spot. Kirby can spit out the Bos that appear alongside the giant Pupa, though the string cannot be severed. Defeating the Pupa results in getting a Crystal Shard, as well as the pathway opening up so Kirby can proceed.


  • Pupa's behavior is almost identical to that of Como.