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Pumpkin Grand is the first level in Gourmet Race, a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and its remake. It is the first place where Kirby races against King Dedede to get to the finish and eat the most food (In Grand Prix). It is the first of 3 stages in Gourmet Race, followed by Corn Hall and Onion Garden. It is the easiest and shortest of the three stages. Its music is the same as that of Onion Garden. There are a few obstacles in this level, but they can be easily passed by either jumping or slide attacking. Otherwise, the stage is relatively short, and consists mainly of hilly terrain.

Course Description

The course starts out on a flat stretch of land. After running up and down a series of three small hills, the ground will flatten out, and the player will encounter a rectangular block of water obstructing the path. The player can either jump over this water or walk through it, but as Kirby's jumping abilities are limited in this sub-game, it will be faster to walk through it. Continuing on, the player will climb up and down another hill, after which they will encounter another block of water identical to the first. At this point the path will again be obstructed, but this time by a column of Star Blocks two blocks wide; as Kirby has no access to Copy Abilities in this course, the slide attack is the fastest way through. After one more column like this, the terrain will become uneven. The player can bypass the first gap in the ground if Kirby is running, but they must carefully jump over the second and be sure not to fall into the third as they descend the hill. From this point, the course levels out again, and after a short stretch, the player will cross the finish line.