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Pump Up D and Power Down E are a pair of items seen in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. They are two energy drinks are seen exclusively in the episode Power Ploy.

Pump Up D

Pump Up D is a drink named after King Dedede that makes the drinker stronger. When drunk, the drinker's muscles bulge as they become strong and buff, and they move faster than normal. The effects don't last long, though, and eventually the drinkers will tire themselves out after exercising rigorously. This drink can also be mixed with Chef Kawasaki's food to create his Stamina Stew. Kirby ate some of Kawasaki's Stamina Stew twice during the episode; the first time, he ran rampant through Cappy Town and the forest, and even inhaled a stone Dedede bust to become Stone Kirby. The second time, Kirby used its strength-boosting effects to overpower and defeat Red Viper.

Power Down E

Power Down E is a drink named after Escargoon that makes the drinker weaker. When drunk, the drinker becomes exhausted and lays around, giving the opposite effect of Pump Up D. This drink left Kirby vulnerable to Red Viper before he ate his second helping of Kawasaki's Stamina Stew, which made him stronger and faster again.


KNiDL Pep Brew artwork

Energy Drink

  • The Pump Up D is similar in design to Energy Drinks from the Kirby games. The Pump Up D has a yellow label just like the Energy Drink, and the actual beverages are both orange in color. Upon drinking, it gives anyone who drinks it energy, similar to how the Energy Drink gives Kirby more health to keep going in the games.
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