Try to hit rivals with the puck as many times as you can. High score wins!
— Battle rules • Kirby Battle Royale

The puck is an item in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale. It serves as the basis for the Slam Hockey game mode.

Physical Appearance

A puck is a thick, round disc with a yellow edge. It has a black star shape on its top that turns red or blue depending on who launches it. One variation of it is significantly smaller but taller, making it resemble a pillar.


Kirby Battle Royale

The puck appears exclusively in the Slam Hockey game mode. It is placed in the center of the stage at the beginning of the match and is used to earn points at opponents' expense. When hit with an attack or thrown, it glows and develops a colorful tail. This color is blue if the player or his/her teammate launch the puck, and red if an opponent launches it. It slides around the play area, bouncing off walls and slamming opponents it bumps into. The puck's speed is determined by the strength of the attack that hits it—B button charge-up attacks will always hit it into its maximum speed. This disc can be picked up with a press of the R Button even when it is moving at top speed, though the timing for catching it is difficult and risky. The puck can also be grabbed from afar with the Whip ability.

A player can jump or float over the normal puck because of its short height. The puck in the Stretch Arena stage, however, is as tall as the area; it can hit characters in the air. Also, if the puck is thrown in mid-air, it will remain airborne for a time.

Related Quotes

You can send the puck toward rivals in two ways: give it a smack or throw it!
— Flick or throw the puck • Kirby Battle Royale
If a rival throws a puck at you, catch it by pressing R at just the right time.
— Catch thrown pucks • Kirby Battle Royale


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