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Artifacts such as these cannot be bought and sold.
— Professor Curio • The Thing About the Ring

Professor Curio is a well respected and elderly gentlemen who lives in Cappy Town. Curio runs an antique shop/museum where he displays his artifacts of ancient Dream Land and a long lost Cappy civilization. Besides collecting ancient artifacts, Curio also finds solace by learning about the past in his free time as well. His museum is often vandalized by resident Cappies, so he often has to spend hours sprucing it up. He enjoys working to piece together the past, however hard it may be. Because his museum is underfunded and not all too popular with the town's citizens (except of course for Tiff) he often tries to spark the Cappies interest in history and drum up popularity for his museum such as placing fake artifacts in the groundCurio's Curious Discovery to prove that the Dedede clan have been around for generations, among various other schemes.

Physical Appearance

Curio is a pear-shaped, yellowish peach colored Cappy who wears a green shirt with an orange bow tie. He has grey spiky hair that circles around the back of his head, as well as a grey moustache that covers his mouth and grey eyebrows.


Curio is not particularly sociable and is not married to anyone, either, leading to him living a largely solitary lifestyle. Socially awkward, he tends to speak in an encyclopedic manner whenever he's not stammering from discomfort. He is stated to be relatively poor due to the other townspeople's lack of much interest in his work, leaving him to rely on his academic work to scrape together a meager income. Despite this insecurity of his, he does socialize with the villagers with little trouble, and develops a tutor-pupil relationship with Tiff, the latter of whom looks up to him as an idol and helps him when he's stuck in a jam.


Curio's name comes from the Latin root meaning "inquisitiveness," referring to the professor's curious nature; more specifically, it may come from the word curio, a rare and intriguing item, referring to Curio's interest in archaeological artifacts.


Oh let them get themselves out. I'm through digging up fakes, especially dangerous ones!
— Professor Curio, about King Dedede & Escargoon • Curio's Curious Discovery
The danger inherent in learning a lesson is that what is readily apparent at the outset becomes obscure as time passes, and what was once clear inexorably fades from memory.
— Professor Curio • Labor Daze
It's wonderful to see so many Cappies suddenly enthusiastic about reading!
— Professor Curio • A Novel Approach
Ahh! That urn is an antique you uncultured brute!
— Professor Curio to the Mini-Monsters • Monster Management
Oh, you can't go tearin' up my shop like a pack of wolves!
— Professor Curio to the Sheep • Sheepwrecked
I've never heard of such a thing, but perhaps they're not penguins exactly, but a related species.
— Professor Curio • The Chill Factor
It wasn't until I re-examined that book today that I realized what the King had done. I can't believe he tricked me!
— Professor Curio • Mumbies Madness


  • Curio happens to be materialistic, concerning anything that's valuable.
    • It is also known that he would do anything for money, which is why he's willing to make a deal with King Dedede in Curio's Curious Discovery.