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Princess Rona's Father is the king of Planet Pipi, and, as said before, the father of the beloved Princess Rona. He deeply cares for his daughter very much, no matter what she is up to.

Princess Rona's Father knew right away that his daughter and her guardsman were playing "switcheroo" with each other (in other words, cosplaying as one another) to fool everyone when they visited Cappy Town. So, not long after Rona (who was under the guise of Vee) and Sword Kirby defeated Susshi, he, accompanied by other guardsmen who looked just like Vee (save for the peachy-colored skin and Kirby-like eyes) came to pick up his daughter. He let everyone know that Rona was just fooling everyone by disguising herself as her guardsman while Vee herself was disguised as Rona, and afterwards, the three left to return to their home planet.

Physical Appearance

Princess Rona's Father is an old geezer of an alien. Just like other members of his race (including his own daughter and her guardsman), his head is pointy towards its top. He has a grayish green-yellow beard and eyebrows, and wears a white garb with a purple bottom. He has purplish gray skin and wears a dark yellow cape.

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