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Your ruler King Dedede is certainly in love with himself.
— Princess Rona • A Princess in Dis-Dress

Princess Rona is a character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. She is the princess of Planet Pipi, who fooled everyone when she visited Planet Popstar, disguising herself as her guard and going by the name Vee. Rona hated the dull life she had to lead as a princess, and the fact she was soon to become Queen made it all the worse for her.

Rona acts quite the opposite of how a princess should act. She strong willed and independent, and though the life doesn't suit her she knows it's her responsibility to serve her people. Tiff fell for Vee's dashing image and escorted her around Dream Land. When Rona saved Kirby from a rampaging sheep, her helmet fell off and revealed who she really was. Everyone was quite surprised, but it didn't change their opinion of her.

Through all of this, King Dedede was working on his plan to marry who he thought was the real Princess Rona, but 'Vee' stopped him and challenged him to a duel. 'Vee' did well in the duel and Dedede wasn't too skilled with a sword at all. But during the duel of course, Dedede called the monster Susshi, but Rona and Sword Kirby made short work of it. In the end everyone found out from her father that Vee was actually Rona, and she returned to her home planet with the real Vee and her father.

Princess Rona is voiced by Yuuko Sasamoto in Japan, and Tara Sands in the English dub.

Physical Appearance

Princess Rona is an alien princess from Planet Pipi. Her head towards its top is shaped like a football, and she has light pink puffy curls, which are the same color as her skin, (which is also light pink). As her true identity, she wears a necklace around her neck, a red cape, and a light lavender whiteish dress with a Grass Green bottom that intersects with the rest of the dress in wavey pattern. She wears green makeup and has red eyes, (or green) as well as a golden fire-shaped emblem on her forehead with a round green jewel-like stone on it.


That's right! You have no idea the kind of terrible life a princess has to lead. It's like no life at all. I'd trade a princess's life for yours any day!
— Princess Rona • A Princess in Dis-Dress

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