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That's it! That's the Magic Yarn!
— Prince Fluff to Kirby • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Prince Fluff is a character appearing in the upcoming game Kirby's Epic Yarn. He is the prince of Patch Land. Prince Fluff has all the same abilities Kirby has.


After Kirby was sucked into Patch Land by Yin-Yarn, he noticed Prince Fluff being chased by an enemy. Kirby saved Prince Fluff and ran away with him. The two formed an alliance and vowed to collect the pieces of string to defeat Yin-Yarn and restore peace and harmony to Patch Land.


Prince Fluff looks very similar to Kirby in shape and size. He is blue in color and has orange feet. Prince Fluff has eyes similar to Knuckle Joe's anime-helper version and Bronto Burt's. He has a crown, hence that he is a prince. Unlike Kirby, he doesn't have any blushes.


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